3 Ways Kids’ Personalities Affect Learning

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By now you know I like to geek out about personality. I’ve written about the personalities of homeschool moms. I’ve theorized about kids’ personalities and learning styles. And I’ve applied all my researching and musing to specific examples like how our personalities should affect our personal refreshment, our planning styles, and our morning routines. Over the last few months, then, you can be sure I’ve fielded numerous emails on this topic. And while I love troubleshooting personality questions and applications, … Read More

Personality and Learning Styles

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Before thinking about personality and learning styles, you have to know what MBTI personality typing is. If you need to know the best personality test around, check out my resource page for all things personality. Those of us educating young children tend to use the vocabulary of learning styles, though current research seems to be showing that most of the learning styles rhetoric is bunk. Still, we do know that children are different. We know that there are different modes … Read More