Iterating on a school year – the results of my own homeschool audit

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This is our final week of homeschool lessons, then we’ll take half a week to complete our standardized testing and joyfully embark on our 7 week summer break, which will include a family wedding, swim lessons, and tennis camp. 3 things that worked this year Learning with friends. Sharing life and learning with likeminded friends is, by far, my favorite part of our homeschool year and a key in our consistency and much of our success. Other kids show up … Read More

Iterate your plans.

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Organize Your Attitude #8 It’s paralyzed us all. Perfectionism. We wait to start moving forward with our plans because we aren’t sure if we’re doing it right. We aren’t sure they will work. We aren’t sure we like the colors we picked. We pull back and reformat the page or change the app we’re using. We make the list over again to ensure we didn’t miss anything. SO064: Resist Plan Perfectionism. Iterate. We spend more time planning than doing the … Read More