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In 2009 I participated in an online book club on Joseph Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture. This book is the introduction to scholé, but it’s also a tough read. It’s short, but it’s dense and sometimes cumbersome, being a translation from German. Get the “Mystie’s notes” version here, with favorite quotes and discussion questions. Chapter 1: Leisure is the goal of labor. Chapter 2: Intellectual work. Chapter 3: Defining Leisure Chapter 4: A man’s occupation is not his identity. … Read More

Leisure: The Basis of Culture, chapter 5 – Simply Convivial

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Ok, I’m a week late, but I still want to post on this chapter. It was the best chapter yet, and yet the connections that I knew were there were simply not sparking in my brain. I had no clue what to write. But, at the church women’s retreat I attended this weekend, I was able to take a little time alone (several little times, actually) and recharge my introvert self. :) Rereading the chapter in that setting, suddenly my … Read More

Leisure, The Basis of Culture: Chapter 4 – Simply Convivial

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I have mentioned before that I am weak in modern history. I am also weak on modern economic theory. I do my best to keep away from talk of “Marxism” and “Communism” and such primarily because I don’t have a firm enough grasp on the history and real meanings behind the words. Now here is a chapter where I really feel this to be a lack. I know I would be able to pull a lot more out of this … Read More

Leisure: The Basis of Culture, chapter 3 – Simply Convivial

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Chapter 3 is the pay-off chapter. I barely comprehended chapter 2, but chapter 3 was excellent and clarifying. In reading it, bits and pieces I’d picked up here and there were brought together and tied together with a beautiful bow. Even if you aren’t following along, chapter 3 is worth reading as a stand-alone essay. However, I must say that as I read more, I become more and more annoyed with the translator’s use of punctuation. Leisure: The Basis of … Read More

Leisure: The Basis of Culture, ch 2 – Simply Convivial

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Was some of this chapter still German? Are you sure this is in English? I was totally lost and had really no idea what half this chapter was talking about. I picked up this book last year and started, and after chapter 2 never picked it up again until now. And now I remember why. I’ll keep going now that I have group motivation, but only if he becomes more intelligible to me. It’s no fun slogging through a book … Read More

Leisure: The Basis of Culture, chapter 1 – Simply Convivial

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The good of book groups is not only the accountability of actually reading, but also the accountability of actually thinking about what you’re reading. And so, I’m reading Leisure: The Basis Of Culture along with Cindy and friends. I already owned the book, having found it while browsing the shelves at Exodus Books last year with store credit on my account. And, the reason I picked it up is because I remembered Cindy mentioning it; so, if Cindy’s going to … Read More