Lesson Plans for Shakespeare’s The Tempest

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The Tempest is a story with betrayal, revenge, reconciliation, and devotion. It has something for everyone: slap-stick humor, violent men & monsters, friendly sprites, and a fairy-tale island setting where forgiveness and keeping one’s word wins out in the end despite long odds. Whether you introduce this story by picture book, movie, or reading the real deal – or all three – it is a story worth enjoying together with your children. Shakespeare’s The Tempest for Kids 1. Introduce The … Read More

Lesson Plans for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

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We’re in the midst of studying Julius Caesar this year. The boys are happy to be doing a play that has nothing to do with marriage or love, but rather with stern and noble Romans. Shakespeare doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated. It’s really just about enjoying a good story together, as with any other read-aloud! Here are the resources we’ve been using while enjoying Julius Caesar together. Step 1: Introduce Julius Caesar I always begin a new play … Read More

How to Teach Writing Without a Curriculum

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Writing, I believe, is one of the most vital skills we can teach our students. It is so poorly taught in modern education, yet in modern society written communication is necessary & unavoidable. Teaching our kids to write well is one of the best ways to set them apart from the crowd and help them stand out both in college & life. After all, our children will be writing cover letters, business proposals, sales pitches, emails, church announcements, thank you … Read More

Shakespeare for Kids: Hamlet Lesson Plans

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We studied Hamlet in our homeschool last year – over 6 months ago – and the quotes still linger as part of our family culture. Last month I was headed out the door with friends to spend a weekend away (hooray!) and the kids all started waving limply and wailing, “Adieu! Adieu! Remember me!” Their new favorite answer to the question, “What are you reading?” is now, “Words, words, words, words.” If you want quotable Shakespeare, Hamlet is your best … Read More

2015-2016 Elementary Group Lessons

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This will be the third year that my good friend & neighbor (what a blessing that she’s both!) will swap kids twice a week after lunch so that each group can get the sort of activity they should have: for middle kids, learning in community; for little kids, open-ended pretend play (and picture books, too). Both groups enjoy not being interrupted by the other. So, lessons for the elementary-level kids are at my house, and here’s what I’ll be doing: … Read More

2015-2016 Fifth Grade Plans

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FYI: Some, but not all, links in this post are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, you can support my planning and blogging habit by buying your own school supplies through my links. Thanks! It’s hard to believe I now have a second-born in double-digits. Jaeger has always worked in advance of his years, simply because he was reading fluently at five and always eager (and quietly competitive) enough to keep up with his older brother. This will … Read More

How to Use Evernote for Loop Schedules

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Have you heard of loop scheduling for your homeschool? Sarah Mackenzie wrote about it awhile back and got us all thinking and talking about it: Loop Scheduling for a Recovering Type A. Pam Barnhill, in her Plan Your Year Kit, includes a section detailing the why and how of loop scheduling, and the kit also includes an audio interview with Sarah Mackenzie on how to make a loop schedule work. So, how can we use Evernote for loop schedules and … Read More

How We Homeschool Latin

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Because we are following the classical model of education in our homeschool, we have added Latin to our average days. I have zero background in Latin and only 2 barely-passed years of Spanish under my belt. Yet, I agreed with the principles of classical education so much that I decided we’d take the practice of Latin on trust and see what happened. There are generally three reasons given for studying Latin: It helps with vocabulary and thus with high test … Read More

Setting Up Evernote for Homeschooling, your free guide

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Download your free guide that will walk you step by step through setting up your Evernote for paperless homeschool organization! Evernote can be your planner, filing cabinet, and inspiration board. I’ll show you how. After downloading your guide and getting your Evernote account set up, follow the series that will show you all the things you can do with Evernote for your homeschool: How to use Evernote for Homeschooling Use Evernote as Your Homeschool Inspiration Board How to Quickly Get … Read More

Lesson Plans for Shakespeare’s Henry V

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Henry the Fifth is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I love medieval England and the premodern English monarchy, so its setting and themes are right up my alley. Henry V is a great play to do with those who think Shakespeare is boring or only about tangled love stories. If you have a child who isn’t into love triangles, but enjoys a good fight, then Henry V might be the play to begin with. In my original Shakespeare for … Read More

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