Desiring the Kingdom Book Club, week 12: Antiphonal Living – Simply Convivial

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This week in Desiring the Kingdom, we enter the worship service proper with the call to worship and the response of singing. Worship is beautiful, is it not? I look forward to thinking more and more how these aspects of weekly worship affect and can shape the rest of our days and our whole lives. Summary: Call and Response Worship is antiphonal. God is the One summoning us, the One acting first. Worship of the triune God is relational and … Read More

The Living Page: Living a Liturgy

I recently finished Laurie Bestvater’s The Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason, and I loved it. I bought it based on Brandy’s reviews, and I’m glad I made the leap-of-faith, even though I am only a Charlotte Mason admirer and not a strict adherer. I think this book, with the history behind commonplace books and Mason’s implementation of it, demonstrates more clearly than ever that Charlotte Mason was not an innovator, but was making methods and practices based soundly … Read More

Desiring the Kingdom: Schedules and Routines Are Deep Waters

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Smith has a call-out box in chapter 2 titled “A Practices Audit.” Here, we get practical; we get personal. Even without that direct invitation to examine our habits, this chapter certainly had me thinking that direction. Do I have practices, habits, that I am assuming are thin, insignificant, when they are actually thick, charged with shaping power? If we mistakenly think that certain habits or practices are neutral, or even thin, when they are actually quite thick and loaded, then … Read More

A Word for 2014: Habitus

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I think that picking a word to be your year’s theme is a neat idea, and Habits was a solid anchor for 2013. I didn’t get my list of habits all engrained, but I did work on them all and improve. Most notably, making my bed really is a habit now! I am now a person who makes my bed every day. That is a huge success for me, a keystone habit that proves to me that progress is possible. … Read More

Making a Convivial Home: Advent Liturgies

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For 2013 I joined the growing online meme and picked a one-word theme for the year: Habits. I wanted to focus on “getting back on my game” after having a baby last November, and actually having a single focus when I got the bug for “turning over a fresh leaf” throughout the year was helpful (I think it happened when I had two nights in a row with 6 hours of consecutive sleep, but then someone would start waking up … Read More

Simply Contemplate: Party Like a Puritan – Simply Convivial

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This year for our after-dinner family Advent devotions we are using Doug Wilson’s new book, God Rest Ye Merry. There are four sections, the last of which are for family readings, and I finished reading the opening three sections last week. Wilson was definitely recycling content in this book, but unlike others where he has done that, this one read well and wasn’t choppy. Celebrate the season like a Puritan! Puritans are a byword for killjoys and prudes, but that … Read More