Two quick (and easy) ways to put meals in your freezer

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by Tracy Grossmann Do you make freezer meals? Some people are masters at this. Armed with carefully crafted lists and ninja-like cooking skills, they fill their freezers with a month’s worth of dinners in just one day.   However, though we love the results of this type of major freezer cooking day, traditional freezer cooking involves some pretty in-depth planning. First, we need to find the recipes we want to use (that our kids will eat+ like). Then we need to … Read More

Easy Pantry Dessert: Homemade Pudding

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It’s nice to have a selection of desserts you can whip up simply with what you already have on hand. Pudding is one such dessert. Yes, that’s right. You don’t need those little boxes in order to make pudding, and it hardly takes any more time or effort to make pudding from scratch with real, whole foods. You might think that pudding with the boxed powder is a cheap dessert, but the milk is the bulk of the cost. That … Read More

3 Picnic Lunches You Can Make Ahead & Freeze

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Lunchtime can be a difficult meal to prepare, if only because it comes smack in the middle of the day. It seems breakfast has just been put away, and I’m feeling pretty good about knowing what’s for dinner, when I remember with a growl of my stomach: Lunch. Ugh. One of my strategies, and one I employ most in the summer months when cooking is less appealing and we more often want to take our lunch out to picnic with … Read More