Can my personality change?

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Does personality change? Even if you take the best personality type, even if you believed it at the time, later it might seem wrong. What gives? “I don’t have a personality,” some say. Or, “I used to be a feeling type but now I’m not.” I’ve even had people tell me they used to be extroverts but are now introverts. There’s one thing I know all Myers-Briggs sources say: Your basic personality type does not change. But that’s not people’s … Read More

How to use personality to make a better homeschool plan

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Does your homeschool plan take each child’s personality into account (and yours too)? Build a better homeschool plan when you understand personality typing. When my homeschool plan met multiple personalities There was a time where every single one of our homeschool days began with tears. If it wasn’t tears, it was a fight. Why, I wanted to know, was my usually cheerful, obedient, good-natured son breaking down every morning? It made no sense to me, which made me more irritated. … Read More

A Cleaning Plan for Every Personality Type

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Have you ever tried keeping someone else’s home routines and failed? There are lots of reasons that can happen, from a difference in situations (what works for a family of four will not work for a family of eight) to a difference in standards and priorities (some people care about dust and others are satisfied with clean bathrooms). But one contributing factor to why plans that worked for your friend might not work for you – and vice versa – … Read More

3 Ways Kids’ Personalities Affect Learning

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By now you know I like to geek out about personality. I’ve written about the personalities of homeschool moms. I’ve theorized about kids’ personalities and learning styles. And I’ve applied all my researching and musing to specific examples like how our personalities should affect our personal refreshment, our planning styles, and our morning routines. Over the last few months, then, you can be sure I’ve fielded numerous emails on this topic. And while I love troubleshooting personality questions and applications, … Read More

Recommended Morning Routine for Each Personality Type

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the 5 essentials for an organized morning. Those essentials are: A Start-Up Routine A Ready To-Do List Breakfast Plans Being Dressed A Weekly Review But – of course – your personality plays into what sort of morning routine you should build and practice. What’s really important in the morning? For a busy mom, it’s that we enter our day with energy and focus. We need to touch base with our priorities and start … Read More

Choose the Right To-Do List for Your Personality Type

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Have you ever tried keeping a to-do list and just not been able to stick with it enough to see a difference in your life? Are you constantly switching planners, always hoping for the one that will work for you but never seeming to find it? Have you tried copying a friend or a mentor’s to-do list system and just not been able to make it work? You might be trying to use a method and system that is incompatible … Read More

5 tips for an extrovert homeschool mom

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Isn’t homeschooling a sure way to drive an extrovert mom out of her mind? It depends on the homeschool and on the mom. As an extrovert homeschool mom you can set up your schedule and methods to take advantage of your strengths and fully come alive in your role. Here are five ways to do just that. 1. Find the right kind of refill time. Just because you’re an extrovert doesn’t mean simply hanging out with friends is your automatic … Read More

5 tips for an introvert homeschool mom

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Homeschooling is made for introverts. So say the extroverts. Sure, we get to stay home and keep our circle of influence strong and consolidated. In our day-to-day lives we don’t have to conform to a group or put on a show for others. However, homeschooling means we are constantly at the beck and call of our children’s needs, being at the center of our bustling homes, and living a full and perhaps cluttered life. These aspects wear us introverts down. … Read More

What’s your homeschool personality?

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Your homeschool needs your personality, and your homeschool has a personality. When we understand homeschool personality, we can be more content and happy in our roles at home. Whether or not you have taken the best personality test or no personality test, you might be able to figure out your type from the brief descriptions below. Myers-Briggs (MBTI) – the personality system that gives you four letters – offers a vocabulary for talking about the different ways that people relate … Read More

Personality and Learning Styles

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Before thinking about personality and learning styles, you have to know what MBTI personality typing is. If you need to know the best personality test around, check out my resource page for all things personality. Those of us educating young children tend to use the vocabulary of learning styles, though current research seems to be showing that most of the learning styles rhetoric is bunk. Still, we do know that children are different. We know that there are different modes … Read More

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