Meals are for connecting: 5 ways to build relationships in the kitchen

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by Christia Colquitt Have you ever read something that completely changed your mindset? The kind where you could not get it off your mind until you did something about it. I remember the day well that my mindset completely changed. The book Hands Free Mama had been tucked away in my closet for over a year before I gathered up the courage to open it. Why? I was terrified. I was afraid to go Hands Free. I knew my life … Read More

How to Simplify Breakfast on Busy Mornings

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If you are like me, your mornings are rarely peaceful and quiet. Already your mind is racing with the list you have going for today. You are thinking about getting everyone ready for what lies ahead…and oh yeah, everyone needs food. Here’s how we can simplify breakfast Having a few strategies in our back pocket is all we need to stay calm and cut stress. 1. Prepare in advance. Often mornings are not the time where we have abundant time … Read More