Adding Margin to your Days

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What does it mean to add margin to your days? Ah, margin. The two red lines gently guiding you to give more breathing room to your paper. I can see those lines so clearly when it comes to paper and pen- but when it comes to my time, it’s just so easy to fill my page to overflowing. In fact, I rarely consider margin at all when I am planning my week- let alone my meals. Rather, I am usually … Read More

Simplify breakfast & feed the troops without going crazy

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If I am being honest, breakfast is often my hardest meal of the day to cook. Cooking breakfast, at some level, is admitting that the day has actually begun, and I am responsible to be an Adult to participate. I know I need breakfast. I know that my family needs breakfast. My children need a good breakfast to think well during their studies, to nourish them after a long overnight fast. My husband needs food with enough umph to get … Read More

How to Simplify Breakfast on Busy Mornings

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If you are like me, your mornings are rarely peaceful and quiet. Already your mind is racing with the list you have going for today. You are thinking about getting everyone ready for what lies ahead…and oh yeah, everyone needs food. Here’s how we can simplify breakfast Having a few strategies in our back pocket is all we need to stay calm and cut stress. 1. Prepare in advance. Often mornings are not the time where we have abundant time … Read More

Menu Planning on Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a great online tool. Besides using it to keep track of your busy schedule, you can also set up calendars to use as journals, menu plans, blog planning, birthday reminders, and even school calendars or schedules. I like to set up each of these as separate calendars so that they show up in different colors and they are easy to toggle on and off individually. My “Menu Plan” calendar usually has all three meals planned out, because … Read More