SY 2017-2018: First Week Report

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July heat is upon us and for our family that means back to school! The way our year-round homeschool schedule works, we school for 6 week terms with a week off in between. On top of those break weeks, we take December entirely off as well as 6-8 weeks (depending on when we end in May and when 4th of July lands) in the early summer. This works for us because the weather is gorgeous in May and June and … Read More

Seventh Grade, second round | 2017-2018 School Year

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My second child enters 7th grade this year – crazy. But the good news is that I was about 85% happy with the 7th grade plan I created for my oldest, so all I had to do this time around was find solutions to the parts I didn’t like. If you’re curious what didn’t work for us in 7th grade, I wrote about that. Middle School Priorities As homeschooling moms, we have the ability (and necessity!) to plan not just … Read More

2017-2018 School Year: Overview

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Time for school planning! We’ve been off school a month now, and I know what we’ll be doing next year. The books have all arrived, the pieces fit together, and now it’s time to work out the details. What’s New My youngest will be 5 in November, and so she’ll start easing into some school routines besides Morning Time with the family. PreK is pretty casual around here – even when I’ve … Read More

Homeschooling Middle School Boys: What Worked & What Didn’t This Year

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When you hop in the driver’s seat, it’s always a good idea to first glance up at the rearview mirror and adjust it. It needs to be at just the right angle so you can see what’s coming up. Yes, you look behind you to see what’s coming. It’s easy to get fixated on the view through the windshield – what’s ahead?! Where should I go? What turn should I take? Is that a red light or a green light? … Read More

Sixth Grade Plans | 2016-2017 School Year – Simply Convivial

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Second time through sixth grade for me! Sixth grade is the beginning of middle school, and Jaeger’s work will begin increasing in difficulty. A few of his assignments might stretch him, but I think it should also be rewarding – we don’t want just gruel and grind, we want challenge and reward. He’ll also get a step up in independence, but with plenty of accountability along the way. In Susan Wise Bauer’s terms (<—- I love that talk), he’ll be … Read More

Eighth Grade Plans | 2016-2017 School Year – Simply Convivial

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Eighth grade. Hard to believe. When planning eighth grade, perhaps more than any other grade, you have to consider what your plans are for the following years. Will you choose a day school high school? Then your year must focus on ensuring they’ll be ready for tests, specific studies, and homework. Will you homeschool high school? Then your year should include training for independent study, writing instruction, and making sure you’re ready for whatever extra requirements your state might have … Read More

How We Homeschool Grammar

At long last, here is the post I promised back when I wrote about how I teach writing on how I teach grammar. Grammar and diagramming is not something that has always come easily for me. I remember 7th or 8th grade when diagramming was introduced in my Bob Jones Language Arts workbook. My mom and I both gave up because we didn’t get it. Fast forward a few years and I was an English major at the University of … Read More

Review Game: Hangman – Simply Convivial

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Like I said last week, review is necessary, but so many methods for review have problems. Some review is just regurgitating the information or going over the same material again. That might be review, but it makes the student tune out rather than engage and retain. Neither Charlotte Mason nor John Milton Gregory nor Gilbert Highet condone that sort of review. Some review is stressful and short-term. Most test-taking and pop quizzes add pressure rather than interest and do more … Read More

7th Grade: Real Life Report – Simply Convivial

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This year has been my first spin through homeschooling 7th grade, but it won’t be my last. Lord willing, I will have four others to bring through this stage. Therefore, this evaluation is as much for me as it is for you. Next time around, how will this plan change and how will it stay the same? Best to think through that now while the good, bad, and ugly are fresh in my mind. Also, the lessons I learned from … Read More

Seventh Grade Homeschool Plans – Simply Convivial

Wow. Somehow the years have added up and we’re at seventh grade. Crazy times. Sixth is the beginning of middle school, but last year it seemed best to keep on keepin’ on with the way we’d been doing things. Now we’re at 7th and it is time to change things up and move this budding young man up a notch. There’s always room and time to tweak as we go based on how long this work actually ends up taking … Read More