Morning Time As Happy Time

What is happiness, really? That’s actually a deep philosophical question expounded upon by great minds for millennia. Too often, we think happiness is doing what we want, having no laundry to fold, or eating chocolate. And our kids think happiness is sleeping in, playing computer games, and having no chores. Guess what? We’re both wrong. If that’s your idea of happiness, make sure your goal is not to keep your kids happy. Then again, we can’t say happiness doesn’t matter. … Read More

Morning Time Mottos for Moms & Kids

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We recite mottos during our Morning Time. I think the first place I encountered the idea was when listening to ACCS teacher training audio (back before there were CiRCE conferences or podcasts). The elementary classes of Logos School, at least back in the old days, had mottos they recited daily that then the teacher could call to mind when they were relevant. As a family, we already had a few little sayings – ways to keep a frequent command familiar, … Read More

5 Ways My Life was Changed by Cindy Rollins

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If you are starting out homeschooling with a bright-eyed little 5-year-old – a toddler tagging along and another on the way – you eat up the stories of those ahead of you on the journey. What curriculum do you use? What is most important in a homeschool day? What should I be doing? How do you homeschool and do laundry and put meals on the table? CH063: Thoughts on Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins When I was in that spot … Read More

Memory Work for Summer Term 2016

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A new year, a new term means new memory work content. Each term we change out our new material to repeat daily for six weeks, whether we have it all word-for-word at 4 weeks or not yet by the end of six weeks. To me, it’s less about word-perfect memorization (which is, let’s face it, fleeting) and more about daily exposure and repetition. Exposure breeds taste. So daily we return to hymns, to Scripture, to poetry, to poetry in Scripture, … Read More

Morning Time Plans | 2016-2017 School Year Planning

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Time for planning another school year! And we all know planning is the best part. Eventually we have to get down to business and work the plan, but this is the time of year we get to dream and imagine a school day where no one argues, where everyone starts their letters from the top, and where naps are regular. Ha. OK, so, then we have to come back to reality and recognize that our plans are only going to … Read More

Our Homeschool Morning Time for 2015-2016

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When I start planning for our next school year – any part of it – I start off with a “brain dump” of sorts and construct the ideal morning that includes everything that sounds lovely and engaging. Then I start crossing things off. “Will this actually happen in our house?” No. “Is this really worth the preparation and enthusiasm effort it would require of me daily?” No, if I put my energy there, realistically it is only taking it from … Read More

Help for Planning Your Circle Time – Simply Convivial

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As I was putting together all those Circle Time (or Morning Time) resources, I was also receiving questions about our memory work binders. It sounds like many of you are thinking through how to organize your own Circle Time binders for next year. Rather than type out an update on our binders, I thought it’d be easier to record a video tour of our binders and how they work. So here you go! Now, just last week I was planning … Read More

The How & Why of Our Classical Morning Time

Morning Time, or Circle Time at our house, is the very heart of our homeschool practices. Every morning we come together and recite beautiful words and beautiful truths together, centering our day and work on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty from the beginning. We’ve been doing Circle Time from the time my oldest was 5, over 7 years ago. It’s evolved and grown over the years, but it’s remained the essential ingredient that has kept us focused on what’s truly important. … Read More

Hymns & Psalms for Singing Index

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For my own reference, and in case others are looking for ideas to populate their Circle Time, here is our list of hymns and Psalms we’ve learned so far, after beginning in 2008. PH stands for Psalter Hymnal, our church’s hymnal; CC stands for Cantus Christi, the hymnal of the CRE, whose Genevan settings of the Psalms we love. The primary goal I have for our Circle Time singing, and therefore how I choose what we’ll learn, is that the … Read More

Poetry Memory Work Index – Poems we have memorized

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Once a child is 8 or 9, they start to pick some of their own poems, and by the time they are 11 or 12 they pick all their own poems for memory (subject to my own veto, of course). So some of these are not my choices, but they are all poems we’ve learned to love together. Poetry for Young Children Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson Brown and Furry by Christina Rossetti Good & Bad Children by … Read More

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