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Memorized mottos give us a quick “way we respond to things” on the tip of our tongues. English Mottos Obey right away, all the way, with a good attitude every day. Do it right the first time, every time. Focus on your job & do it right. Leave it better than you found it. Voices: cheerful, polite, strong. Business before pleasure. Soldier Stance (1. Stand up straight; 2. Shoulders back; 3. Hands at sides; 4. Ready eyes; 5. Quick response) … Read More

Creeds & Catechism Memory Index

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Creeds Christian, what do you believe? Apostle’s Creed Nicene Creed Heidelberg Lord’s Day 1 (“What is your only comfort in life and in death?”) Catechisms Catechism for Young Children (“Who made you?” God.) selections from the Heidelberg (“What is your only comfort in life and in death?” That I am not my own…) selections from the Westminster Shorter (“What is the chief end of man?” To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.)

Morning Time As Lectio Divina

If classical education is the art of becoming free, then we need to build our habits of attention. The British-born turn-of-the-century American journalist, Sydney Harris, once posited: For this to be accomplished, we have to be selective and meditative about how and with what we furnish our minds – yes, our minds, and not only our children’s. Circle Time, or Morning Time (or Basket Time or Morning Meeting or whatever your family calls it), is our time for centering on … Read More

Our Homeschool Year: Circle Time (aka Morning Time) – Simply Convivial

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So I’m finally ready to share our homeschool plans for next year. It’s only a few weeks before we start! I’m not quite ready this year. :) This year we have an 11-year-old boy, 9-year-old boy, 6 1/2-year-old girl, 4 1/2-year-old boy, and almost-2-year-old girl. The blocks in our homeschool week Circle Time (daily) Math (daily) K-1st (3-4 times a week) Writing Class (once per week) 4th & 6th grade Independent Work & Tutoring (daily) Elementary Lessons (2nd-6th grade) (twice … Read More

How to Start Circle Time (Morning Time)

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I’ve received a number of emails the last couple months about Circle Time and where and how to start. I was about to start writing about our Circle Time plans for next year when another email popped into my inbox. This one was from Meg: Our Circle Time has definitely grown over the years. The plans I am now putting together are our seventh or eighth (eighth if you count spending 5-10 minutes a day (sometimes even done in the … Read More

Winter Term Circle Time Content – Simply Convivial

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Well, we’re past the half-way point of the school year! That’s hard to believe, but it’s been a strong year so far, and I think we should be able to keep it up. Here is what we’re doing this term in Circle Time. New Circle Time Content These we sing and recite daily. Hymn: I Waited for the Lord (Psalm 40) Psalm: 20 Passage: Ephesians 5 Catechism: Heidelberg Q&A 3-8 Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk … Read More

Autumn Term 2013 Circle Time Plans – Simply Convivial

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New Circle Time Content These we sing and recite daily. Hymn: All People That On Earth Do Dwell Psalm: 100 Passage: Ephesians 4 Catechism: Heidelberg Q&A 52 & 53 What do you believe concerning the forgiveness of sins? I believe that God, because of Christ‟s atonement, will never hold against me any of my sins nor my sinful nature which I need to struggle against all my life. Proverbs: We do 2 per day, alternating even and odd days. Proverbs … Read More

Harvest Term Circle Time Plan – Simply Convivial

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New Circle Time Content These we sing and recite daily. Hymn: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Psalm: 16 Passage: Ephesians 3 Catechism: Heidelberg Q&A 26 & 28 How does the knowledge of God’s creation and providence help us? We can be patient when things go against us, thankful when things go well, and for the future we can have good confidence in our faithful God and Father that nothing will separate us from His love. All creatures are … Read More

Circle Time for Summer Term 2013 – Simply Convivial

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We’re in the midst of Summer Term 2013 – our first term of the school year. Here is what we’re doing this term in Circle Time. New Circle Time Content These we sing and recite daily. Hymn: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Psalm: 16 Passage: Ephesians 2 Catechism: Heidelberg Q&A 3-8 But are we so corrupt that we are totally unable to do any good and inclined toward all evil? Yes, unless we are born again, by the Spirit of … Read More

Homeschool Day Planning: Circle Time 2013-2014

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I love the planning time of year. The possibilities seem boundless and the potential is invigorating. None of these elements are a completely new thing in how we do things; each is a slight development and building upon previous years. The following Circle Time plan is simply continuing to develop our previous years and experiences. We started with 10-15 minutes five years ago. I tried a 60-90 minute plan at one point (way too early) and pared it back. Last … Read More

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