Homeschool Hours: Circle Time – Simply Convivial

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Well, the next hour of our homeschool doesn’t fit Leigh Bortin’s pattern, either: Circle Time. Circle Time is our all-together time, and takes around an hour, give or take 10-30 minutes based on people’s cooperativeness. Hans and Jaeger will have their hands, mouths, and eyes engaged the whole of the time. Ilse will have her own binder so she can “follow along” if she wants, or she will be able to color. But she’ll stay at the table. Knox will … Read More

Homeschool Hours: Morning Stuff – Simply Convivial

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So, I will start writing about our hours at the beginning, but it doesn’t really fit Leigh Bortin’s model. It might seem odd to include our breakfast and chore time in our school plan, but I am a big idea thinker, and it all is one in my mind: training and raising up the children is all aspects of life. Plus, we fit a few academic things in there anyway. This format isn’t new for us; this is what has … Read More

Allowing the Process of Learning – Simply Convivial

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Originally written in September 2009 “I come in with something it took me three years to come to the conclusion about this matter, and I get mad because the kids don’t see it in the classroom in 30 minutes. What I’m doing is depriving them of the process and getting there, and it’s dehumanizing. We throw these things in books in their laps and then we wonder why they’re not overjoyed like we are. How long did it take us … Read More

Circle Time Plans for 2012-2013

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Ok, this is the last post for a while on Circle Time, I promise. I’ve been putting together the materials for it, bit by bit, in snatches of time, so it’s the project on my mind. I know most people include their read-alouds in Circle Time, but I count that as a separate time — even though it usually flows right after Circle Time. For me, Circle Time is composed of those things that we do all together as a … Read More

Circle Time Binders Updated for 2012-2013 – Simply Convivial

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Our Circle Time Binder plan for our memory material worked out swimmingly this past year. The only problems we encountered with the system had to do with the fallibility of paper and economy binders. Flags unstuck or got lost a few times. The binders are falling apart at the seams. Each boy is missing a few hymns through attrition. The backs of most of Jaeger’s papers depict battles. So we are sticking with our binder system for Circle Time, but … Read More

Previous Years’ Circle Time Plan Details – Simply Convivial

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Because this information isn’t on this site, and I am not sure how long my old blog will stick around, I thought I’d post the plans from the last two years. How things flow and what is included in Circle Time changes every year, and usually there are tweaks or even major alterations midyear. Particularly in the stage of the game where new people are being added to the family, where babies change their habits every three months, where toddlers … Read More

What Is Circle Time?

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After the memory work details last week, I thought I’d continue with more about Circle Time, particularly since I received an email asking me to. Here you go! “Circle Time” is the time we do our all-together things, toddler included. A two-year-old singing “For All the Saints” while playing is priceless. We do our Bible time, singing, memory work, and Bible lessons during this time. We usually follow it right up with reading from our lesson books (such as history) … Read More

More Memory Work Content – Simply Convivial

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Besides our hymns and Scripture memory, we have a few other parts in our Circle Time binders. Catechism Memory We’ve been memorizing & reviewing The Catechism for Young Children for almost 7 years now — ever since my oldest was 2 and could first answer, “Who made you?” We’ll keep this in our memory work until we run out of children to teach it to. After 7 years, I even have the 145 questions & answers [mostly] all memorized! A … Read More

Scripture Memory Work Index

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last updated in 2015 Because I have been helped immensely by those who have posted their lists of memory work, I thought I’d share ours. But, before you freak out, and because you might not make it to the end of the page to see a caveat, know that my children can perfectly recite very few — and sometimes none — of these. They are very familiar with them all. I have most of them memorized now, but that’s because … Read More

Our Hymns & Psalms List – Simply Convivial

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I know when I was first starting to put our Circle Time together, I searched to find ideas for hymns and Scripture memory to pick. It was a good way to start. Now I keep a running list. When we sing a hymn at church where I think, “We really should learn this one,” I try to note that somewhere where it will make it back to my notes. When I am reading the Bible and I think, “Wow, that … Read More

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