Morning Time Mottos for Moms & Kids

We recite mottos during our Morning Time. I think the first place I encountered the idea was when listening to ACCS teacher training audio (back before there were CiRCE conferences or podcasts). The elementary classes of Logos School, at least back in the old days, had mottos they recited daily that then the teacher could call to mind when they were relevant. As a family, we already had a few little sayings – ways to keep a frequent command familiar, … Read More

Recite mottos.

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Organize Your Attitude #7 A motto is a short saying that helps you stay focused and committed. Having little mottos will make it easier for you remember to do what you want to do. Some of my mottos include Work the plan. Roll with the punches. Choose the right next thing. Uses est magister optimus. (Practice is the best teacher.) Come what may, time and the hour run through the roughest day. (Shakespeare) Prayer is the most important part of … Read More