Have a menu plan.

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Organize your attitude #30 Do you know one real downer that happens all too often? Not knowing what’s for dinner when 5pm rolls around. You know what I’m talking about. And, yes, it happens to me, too. Do you know one real awesome feeling? Knowing at breakfast time what’s for dinner, pulling the meat out of the freezer the night before, and maybe even doing a little head-start prep while the kids eat breakfast. A menu plan makes those mornings … Read More

Get dressed.

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Organize your attitude #29 How you dress affects your attitude. You know it’s true. Don’t fight it. If your shoes pinch your toes or your jeans cut into your tummy, it makes you cranky and irritable. If you stay in your pajamas, you miss out on the energy flow that comes from knowing you’re ready to take on the day, come what may. Your pajamas signal to you that you’d rather be sleeping, rather be lounging, rather be anything but … Read More

Say thank you.

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organize your attitude #28 We all know gratitude is important. But sometimes it can be a bit vague. So say thank you. Is gratitude a feeling we’re supposed to float around in all day? A sentiment just bubbling up from our heart to our head and staying there, providing serene thoughts and a calm demeanor? Do we just list out what we’re grateful for in a journal, directing our thanksgiving to ourselves? Is that really thanksgiving or just a warm … Read More

Find accountability.

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Organize your attitude #27 There is so much to do. Always. And there are always distractions, other possibilities, and any number of potential and real problems to derail our plans. Sometimes our plans do need to take back seat to real life. Sometimes we have to adjust on the fly and simply take care of the emergent realities as they unfold. But sometimes the reason we don’t follow through with our plans is not because something more important came up, … Read More

Drink water.

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Organize your attitude #26 Some mornings it’s difficult to shake the sleep-fog off. Some afternoons it’s hard to beat the afternoon slump brain fog. Some days we just can’t seem to get all systems clear and running. Try a tall glass of cold water. Even mild dehydration can cause brain fog, fatigue, and headaches. Slugging back a glass full of cold water rehydrates your body, helps flush out toxins, and wakes you up as your body rushes blood around to … Read More

Get sleep.

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Organize your attitude #25 Grumpy babies go to bed. I learned that little catch phrase from a friend of mine and have used it so much that I’m sure my own children think that I invented it. One thing motherhood teaches us is that we are not so different from our children. We have the same inclinations and the same attitudes; we’ve just learned to mask them better and in more socially appropriate ways. Sometimes we just need to go … Read More

Sing a song.

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Organize your attitude #24 It’s impossible to be grumpy and sing at the same time. Singing does something to us. It lifts us up out of our internal moping mode and puts us in tune. Through the movement of our voices, we move from discord to harmony. When we know this strategy, our true hearts are exposed. Often, when I realize that I could sing and pull myself up out of the funk I’m in, I realize that I don’t … Read More

Get steps.

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Organize your attitude #23 My Fitbit taught me this lesson. I should have learned it earlier. When my son would start getting angsty over long division or reducing fractions, I’d send him out to run a lap around the yard. He didn’t think it helped, but it did. Using his body helped relax his mind. His breathing pattern changed. He got some fresh air and some space from the situation. When he came back, he had a fresh start and … Read More

Write a daily note.

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Organize your attitude #22 How do we keep track of all that needs to be done? How, if we do track all that needs to be done, do we keep the most important tasks top of mind rather than lost in the sea of details? We need to write a daily note. The power of a little index card or post it note is in the brevity. It allows us to keep our expectations realistic and focused. Selecting 3 priority … Read More

Make your bed.

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Organize your attitude #21 It seems like such a little thing. But sometimes it is the little things that make a world of difference, especially when it comes to our attitudes. Yes, making your bed can change your attitude. I’m living proof of it. Sometimes, when we’re feeling like our whole life is a mess and our home is worse and we aren’t even sure where our recovery plan should begin, our temptation is to simply give up. Starting is … Read More

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