Blaze the trail.

Organize your attitude #20 This week during the Planning That Matters chat I hosted with several Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done alumni, Libby made an excellent point near the end: The more you do stuff the easier it gets. You know, it’s having those rails to run on. Setting something up is hard and getting [the kids] used to something is hard, especially if it’s something that isn’t appealing to them. … Blazing the trail is … Read More

Serve others.

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Organize your attitude #19 by Allison Burr of My husband and I recently purchased a home that provides us the opportunity to pretend we are Innkeepers, something we have dreamed about becoming since we were married in a bed and breakfast 16 years ago. We have since stayed in B&Bs around the country, mentally filing away information for future use. Our new home, as God would ordain it, is letting us implement a bit of that vision we have … Read More

Be impervious.

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Organize your attitude #18 Our attitude is the most important factor in how we handle life, and it is a multi-faceted component. One of the components of an organized attitude – and one we don’t consider often – is imperviousness. #080: Be an impervious mother. The dictionary defines the adjective impervious as not allowing liquid to flow through unable to be affected by This is not being unemotional, although at times it may appear so. It is, however, not letting … Read More

Give everything a home.

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Organize your attitude #17 You can’t EHAP if things don’t actually have a home. As we start making plans for what to do over summer break, don’t merely add “declutter” to your list. Add “give things homes” to your list instead. Yes, we do need to get rid of junk we don’t need or use. But how do we know how much to declutter? How do we know when we’re done? The answer comes from evaluating the space we have, … Read More

Being OK with a little morning routine

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Organize your attitude #17 by Kara Anderson of Quill & Camera For a very long time, I have aspired to have Big, Grand Mornings. And so last year I started setting my alarm unbelievably early so I could wake up to a quiet house and have at least an hour of peace and solitude. I’ve heard this sort of time described as “finding myself before they (the kids) find me,” and that definitely applies here. I want to be available … Read More

Roll with the punches.

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Organize your attitude #16 The tagline I repeat over and over again in Work the Plan is Work the plan. Roll with the punches. Do the right next thing. What does it mean to roll with the punches? Here is what my dictionary tells me: (of a boxer) move one’s body away from an opponent’s blows so as to lessen the impact. adapt oneself to adverse circumstances. The first meaning provides us a striking image, a metaphor we can conjure … Read More

Accept entropy as a part of life.

Organize your attitude #15 Do you, dear reader, know entropy? We all experience it in every aspect of life. It is the muscles that weaken when not exercised, the dust that accumulates on the shelves, the clutter that seems to spawn in every corner. #078: Life is full of entropy Entropy is real. Entropy is part of the current natural order. The dictionary defines it as, “a gradual decline into disorder.” That’s real life. Gardens grow weeds. If we want … Read More

Know that life will change.

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Organize your attitude #14 Too often we go into a manic planning or organizing fit, thinking that if we just get on top of it now, we’ll be on top of it once and for all. A “once and for all” attitude to organizing, cleaning, or planning is bound to disappoint. Nothing in this life is once and for all.     #077: Life will change. It’s ok Life goes through different phases, stages, and seasons. Nothing we do will … Read More

Own your thoughts.

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Organize your attitude #13 I recently went to a seminar with the Femina Girls in nearby Moscow, ID. There I heard two of my favorite speakers and writers: Nancy Wilson and her daughter Rachel Jankovic. In her talk, Nancy reminded us that we are to set our minds on what is good and true and excellent. It is active; it is purposeful. We might have a thought or a feeling, but we don’t have to let it in to stay. … Read More

Keep in fellowship.

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Organize Your Attitude #11 Too often, when we start making goals around keeping house better or getting more done, our focus shifts too far and we start seeing these means as ends – which means anything that gets in the way of our ends is a problem to be overcome or a frustration to bear resentfully. And too often, that means grumbling against our husbands or shouting at our kids. We could reach our goals, we think to ourselves, if … Read More

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