Why do we make plans when they rarely work out?
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All my writing time and energy has been spent in my upcoming video training: Work the Plan. So, I decided to both roll with that and yet not neglect posting by simply sharing some of that writing here with you as a sort of preview. The following is about half of the script I wrote for the introduction video to Work the Plan , and I think it addresses something that any planner-type will resonate with. Listen to this post! … Read More

5 Lists That Will Make You Feel Organized
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I love to make lists. I even have lists of the lists I’ve listed and will list. And today during The Nester’s 31 Days challenge, I’m going to share 5 lists that will make us feel organized. Homeschooling Lists by the Truckload Index: Get Organized with Homeschool Lists Previous: 5 Ways to Keep Kids’ Tanks Full Next: Ancient History Cycle Book List The list doesn’t destroy culture; it creates it. Wherever you look in cultural history, you will find lists. … Read More

Humming Home Habits: Arrange
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On to step three! After assembling and acting, it’s time for arranging – my favorite part! Arranging is organizing: putting things in their proper place. What is organization? It is being prepared. It is having a home for everything and everything in its home. It is not having color-coded lids or chalkboard labels. It is not making everything magazine-beautiful, but making everything fitting and useful. Why you organize – your motivation – matters quite a bit. Organizing so that we … Read More

Organize Your Homeschool Stuff!

In this series, I’ve shared some real-life, non-cutesy ways I’ve organized the stuff associated with homeschooling here at our house. This is real-life organization hacks and helps that work here in the trenches. Being organized isn’t about being impressive; it’s just about not being continually frustrated and annoyed at yourself and your stuff. Enjoy! Schedule and Chore Board Teacher Tote Kitchen Cart Library Book Management Inbox & File Box Pencils & Supplies File by Scanning Our Real-Life “Organized” Homeschool File … Read More

A Quick Fix for Well-Loved and Well-Worn Books – 31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff Finale
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This month I’m sharing ways I organize the stuff that tends to overflow the homeschooling household. It might not be as pretty as most of the “solutions” you’ll find on Pinterest, but it’s practical and real. Being organized means being prepared and giving your stuff a home; it doesn’t always have to be coordinated and labeled with chalkboard-styled printables. A Quick & Easy Fix for Worn and Torn Books We have a lot of books at our house. I did … Read More

31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: Nature Walk Drawing Art Bag
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Being organized is about making the process work for you efficiently, not about maintaining a neat and tidy row at all times. Here are some ways I’ve tried to make the processes work more conveniently so I can spend more mind-space on the children and less on the stuff.  Our Nature Walk Art Bag Now, nature walks never happen as often as I plan or as I’d like. But, I still like the keep the nature walk art bag, … Read More

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