Project Simplify: Piles – Simply Convivial

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This week’s theme is piles, and I have so many it’s just not even funny. Most of them didn’t take that long to tackle once I put my mind to it. It’s not hard or time-consuming, but it’s a task that is easy to procrastinate. These aren’t even all my piles, but these are the ones I was able to address Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Before & After: Hearth Room Bookshelf The location of this bookshelf makes it a prime … Read More

Chore board contents – Simply Convivial

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Because you asked. :) This is what is on our current board. This is a new posting of the board, so I’m not sure yet how it will play out this time. Every family and new situations require their own versions; this is no perfect list even for us, much less for someone else. So, use it as a springboard for something appropriate for your family now, not as a statement of what is best, period. Even here, it will … Read More

Our Current Chore Board

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Shaina asked in a recent comment and on the WTM board what was on our chore board. The board has actually been out of commission for a month or two now, but getting it back up was on my to-do list, so the comment was the push I needed to get it set up again. The board is simply a large poster frame, which I write on with a wet-erase marker. It helped keep the household running while I was … Read More

February Habit: Write It Down, Right Away

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And now it’s February. For this year I’ve adopted a “habit plan” where I choose 1 habit each in 3 areas per month to work on, so I can gradually work back up to full steam after my last pregnancy and baby (who is now 3 months old). Several of these were habits I’ve either had before or tried before, and I am trying to keep them small and simple. In January I focused on making my bed, reading my … Read More

Paperless Home Organization: How to Create A Digital Home Management Binder – Simply Convivial

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It’s here! My next eBook, an instruction manual for setting up a home management “binder” on Evernote, plus how to use Remember the Milk and Google Calendar to juggle appointments and tasks, is now available! While my 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers series was running (on autopilot) in October, I received multiple questions about and requests for getting organized with Evernote or utilizing a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It seemed like a good project to tackle when I was … Read More

Menu Planning on Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a great online tool. Besides using it to keep track of your busy schedule, you can also set up calendars to use as journals, menu plans, blog planning, birthday reminders, and even school calendars or schedules. I like to set up each of these as separate calendars so that they show up in different colors and they are easy to toggle on and off individually. My “Menu Plan” calendar usually has all three meals planned out, because … Read More

Applying GTD at Home

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So, I’m done with 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers. I thought I would finish up the series with examples from my own implementation (also written two years ago – [grin]). Keep in mind that I wrote the GTD series two years ago and, before writing it, had been working at applying it slowly and steadily for about six months. On top of that, I had read it and picked up a couple tips 3 years before that, and my … Read More

GTD for Homemakers: The Key Principles of Effective Management – Simply Convivial

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This 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers series has been all about focusing on reducing stress and creating effective solutions to better manage realities of life at home. Mothers are the shapers of home atmosphere and home culture; keeping the mundane details under control allows us to direct our attention to what matters. I hope it has been helpful! The Power of the Key Principles: Freedom Through Discipline The last few chapters of Getting Things Done focus on the “stress-free” … Read More

GTD for Homemakers: Managing Projects & Hobbies

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This series, 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers, is all about putting into place effective routines and processes so that the routine administrative details of life do not cause undo stress and we, as mothers in the heart of our homes, can peacefully and intentionally make good choices about what to do without feeling like we have a million details pulling us in a million directions at once. Previous Post: Working the Plan & Keeping It Current Project Control: Making … Read More

GTD for Homemakers: The Occasional Big-Picture Review

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One benefit of maintaining order and organization is that it frees not only time but also creative energy and our ability to be fully present in the moment. My hope is that 31 Days to GTD for Homemakers will help us reclaim calm self-control and self-possession, so that we can fulfill our roles and responsibilities to the best of our ability. Previous Post: Setting Aside Time for Weekly Planning & Review What & When: Infrequent Long-Term Evaluation Long-term, big-picture thinking … Read More

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