Daily Lunches – a (simplified) guide

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Lunch is the mid-day reset. No plan survives contact with the enemy. -Helmuth van Moltke The perfect plan- set out in the morning, in the early hours before the house wakes up and the day rolls away from the station- never unfolds quite as I’d hoped. The lessons aren’t finished as early as I’d have liked, the house is a bigger mess. The phone calls I intended to make still linger in my mind and the laundry sits, complaining quietly … Read More

Adding Margin to your Days

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What does it mean to add margin to your days? Ah, margin. The two red lines gently guiding you to give more breathing room to your paper. I can see those lines so clearly when it comes to paper and pen- but when it comes to my time, it’s just so easy to fill my page to overflowing. In fact, I rarely consider margin at all when I am planning my week- let alone my meals. Rather, I am usually … Read More

Refreshing Iced Herbal Green Tea – no sugar!

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The weather is heating up and a cold, tasty beverage is exactly what hits the spot on a hot afternoon. But so many of the iced drink options are calorie-laden, full of sugar or juice or dairy. I wanted a drink that I could drink glass after glass without guilt or counting – that I could slug while still keeping my weight loss plan. I’ve hit upon the simple drink that fits the bill: iced herbal green tea. I can … Read More

Homemade Yogurt by the Gallon

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Homemade yogurt is simple and inexpensive. There is a learning curve and there are a few details you must pay attention to, but it is a mostly hands-off process that can deliver yogurt to your fridge at a fraction of the cost. I’ve been making homemade yogurt for over 7 years, with differing levels of success. I think I’ve tried every method Pinterest boasts, except for trying a specialty yogurt maker. No, I want my yogurt family-sized. I want to … Read More

Crazy Simple Lasagna Bake – or freeze!

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Lasagna is a lot of work. I only make it once a year or so as a special meal for guests, generally. But it’s so yummy. And it’s so filling. It’d be nice for it to be a family staple, but it would have to be less messy, less work, and take less time. There is a way. It’s called Crazy Lasagna. Crazy Simple Lasagna In a large skillet, brown ground beef (1/2-1 pound) with a diced onion until it’s … Read More

Instructions for easy chicken broth

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Chicken bone broth is so easy that you can hardly call it a recipe. All you do is dump your bones into a crockpot, fill it with water, and let it sit on high or low all day or overnight. Strain out the bones, and you have the best chicken broth available – way better than anything you can buy in the store and so much more healthy! Here’s what I use to make chicken broth: Easy chicken broth instructions … Read More

How to make homemade bread, the easy way

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by Tracy Grossman There’s something about fall that makes me want to put on some soup and bake homemade bread. We live in the middle of Iowa, where sultry hot summers make July and August baking unreasonable endeavors. So when that crisp air starts to linger through the mornings and socks are a source of comfort (and not suffocation) for your feet, it’s time to start up the oven once again. I did not grow up making bread, but I … Read More

Easy Dinner Ideas: Sweet Potato Hash

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It’s inevitable. It happens to all of us. We head into the afternoon not knowing what we’ll make for dinner. But we can’t avoid it. Our people need to eat. That’s why I keep my few easy dinner methods up my sleeve and add variety and creativity based on what I have on hand.     The other day it was 4pm and I didn’t know what would be for dinner, but my husband was doing yard work so I … Read More

Simplified Caesar Dressing

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I often buy the 6 pack of romaine hearts at Costco. That’s a lot of romaine. And salads are a lot of chopping. One evening I was tired of the vinaigrette dressings I generally make, and searched the internet for easy Caesar salad dressing recipe that used only what I had on hand. I read 4 or 5 versions, made some substitutions and whipped up a quick version that serves nicely. Simple Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe Into a bowl, scoop … Read More

DIY Roasted Garlic Paste

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Garlic is a ubiquitous ingredient in most dinner recipes. Whether you just add a dab or like to triple the amount, fresh is always loads better than the jarred stuff. But you can hardly beat the convenience of the pre-minced garlic. One day I saw in the gourmet section of the grocery store, a product called garlic paste. It appeared to be garlic puree, which seems like it would be a step above the jarred stuff. But, it got me … Read More

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