Hey, slob. You might be a perfectionist.

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It’s paralyzing. Perfectionism. I used to think I was not a perfectionist, because nothing I did was perfect. I was a slob, so how could I be a perfectionist? Then one time I was visiting with my mom, who mentioned that my youngest sister was a perfectionist – like I was. I was bewildered by this casual accusation. Me? A perfectionist? Isn’t that reserved for people who can draw true circles and sew in straight lines and insist on doing … Read More

Iterate your plans.

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Organize Your Attitude #8 It’s paralyzed us all. Perfectionism. We wait to start moving forward with our plans because we aren’t sure if we’re doing it right. We aren’t sure they will work. We aren’t sure we like the colors we picked. We pull back and reformat the page or change the app we’re using. We make the list over again to ensure we didn’t miss anything. SO064: Resist Plan Perfectionism. Iterate. We spend more time planning than doing the … Read More