31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: Crate of Preschool & Kindergarten

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This month I am taking you on a tour of my favorite organizing solutions. They aren’t likely to hot on Pinterest or featured on a crafty blog, but they make life around here run more smoothly. Preschool/Kindergarten Bin So, I like keeping books in bins. I keep the books I use with my 3-year-old and 5-year-old together in a bin, so I can grab them when the stars align and we can take 30 minutes on the couch together. That’s … Read More

Teaching a Child to Walk, to Use the Bathroom, and to Read

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My third-born child just turned 5 last week and my fourth-born will be 3 next month. I am in my second round of pre-k now, and although I have a plan, it doesn’t resemble a conventional preschool or kindergarten scope and sequence or curriculum. I liken the pre- and beginning-reading years to the pre- and beginning walking of an infant or pre- and beginning-potty training. If you wait, it will be easier. In three years, there will be no difference … Read More

Homeschool Review: TATRAS Phonics Program

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My mom taught 6 of her children to read with Teach America to Read and Spell, and I have so far taught 2 with it. It is a simple and straight-forward “vertical” phonics method where you memorize all the sounds of each letter and letter combination (phonogram, like th) at one time. The program includes more phonograms than many other programs, resulting in there being far fewer words that “break the rules” of the system. The pages can seem intimidating … Read More