Pause to pray.

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Organize Your Attitude #5 The advice to begin our days with prayer is often heard, and rightly so. We need grace and clarity to face our duties with faith, love, and patience. We do well to heed that advice. But prayer is also something we can weave into everything we do, as 1 Thessalonians tells us, “pray without ceasing.” SO054: Prayerful Pause The Heidelberg Catechism asks a question I think we’ve all felt, whether or not we’ve said it out … Read More

Gratitude: a proper attitude toward negatives

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When I read the biography of Francis Schaeffer, the author referenced True Spirituality as Francis Schaeffer’s most refined statement of his message: that the Bible is True in all of life and makes a difference in everything we think and decide, not in a legalistic or moralistic way, but in a personal and spiritual way. It is an excellent book. Because it is written more in a conversational style than an academic, I’d think it would make a good choice … Read More

What Makes a Productive Day?

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So, last week felt like a rough, terrible week. However, the school checklists got done, the house hadn’t really fallen apart, and we’d had no major disasters. Really, it was a typical week. Why did it feel so bad? This week has felt pretty good. Even though I am definitely not getting to everything I think should be (like exercising), still most of the school was done and the house hasn’t fallen apart. #097: What is a productive day, anyway? … Read More