Speaking well is part of living well. – Charlemagne on education

_ If the goal of education is virtue, why bother studying science or spelling or rhetoric? Why not just hunker down and do character lessons and call it a day? Our idea of virtue is too shallow. We see our moral sense unconnected to our knowledge or even to our ability to communicate. But they are not unconnected. They should all – and do all – feed each other when submitted to God. The selection I’m highlighting today from The … Read More

Portrait of a Graduate – Isocrates on the goal of learning

You know I like to ask what education is for and what it truly is. So, I’m loving The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being because it’s basically a giant book entirely made up of essays written on that question throughout history. Today’s excerpt is a list of what a “graduate” should look like. What is the point of education? It is to prepare people for life. Even modern progressive education seeks … Read More

Homeschool with the end in mind.

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Homeschooling is a game that has to be played with the long view. When a day goes well, it’s tempting to rejoice in the assumption that we obviously got everything right and finally have a plan that works. Now, we think, every day will now go swimmingly, because clearly our good plan is in place. We’ve got this gig figured out at last. When a day goes poorly, it’s easy to question everything from our own abilities to our children’s … Read More

The Simple Life.

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Multum non Multa, or Simplicity Part of the Education Is for Life Series It is true that education is a life, and it is true that Life is an education, but it is also true that education is for life. If this classical education we are seeking for our children is meant to prepare them for life – and it is – then is it not true that we ourselves – as mothers, as women – need this preparation? While … Read More