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Is Technology Good, Bad, or Indifferent? The Ideas Have Consequences discussions have understandably focused quite a bit so far on our use of technology. I think I could sum up my current opinion by saying that technology is a good tool but a terrible master, and when it is adopted without examination or thought (before as well as during), it almost always becomes a master. For those interested in this conversation, here are some things that have added to my … Read More

Weekend Links

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I have been thinking about the best way to share links to good articles and posts I’ve read around the internet, and finally settled on picking the three best every week and sharing them in a quick post on Saturdays. Keeping First Things First Luma at Gospel of Grace shares, “A Definition of Christ-Centered Motherhood.” A life prioritized on Christ will lead to gospel-fueled godly service: to one’s husband, children, neighbors, local church, and who knows how far it may … Read More

Virtuous Order – Simply Convivial

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More posts on Chapter 4 of Roots of American Order can be found at Cindy’s blog. Kirk says the Roman concept of virtue was one of “energetic manliness.” T.S. Elliot points us to the three main concepts of Virgil’s concept of Roman virtue: labor, pietas, fatum. Labor Virgil emphasized the dignity of labor. Physical, manual, even menial labor is not servile, but builds fortitude, builds virtue. Work is a necessary virtue, not a necessary evil. He [Virgil] knew that we … Read More

Making a Convivial Home: The Need

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Whether it be Chinese-Are-Superior Mothers or French-Are-Superior Mothers, these foreign parenting-commentators point out that American mothers are afraid to be in charge, and that’s why they raise hellions. That is a particular side of the ditch, but it is not my temptation. My husband and I are both rather authoritarian parents, and happy and comfortable being so. My mom was a “mean mom,” not afraid to make unpopular decisions or enforce them. She told me (and I needed to be … Read More

Transcendent Order

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This post is a part of the book club Cindy of Ordo Amoris is hostessing on Russell Kirk’s Roots of American Order. This week’s posts are all collected here, and my previous post was “Order, the First Need of All.” Civilization, culture, is an outworking of religion, of shared beliefs about the order of the universe. That is true whether we are speaking of a small society of a family or of a church or the larger society of a … Read More

Order, The First Need of All

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“This book emphasizes certain institutions and customs and certain ideas and beliefs which continue to nurture order in the person and order in the republic, down to our time.” Ok, I was just going to participate in Cindy’s latest book club on Russell Kirk’s Roots of American Order by reading along as best I could and commenting on other people’s posts, but the first chapter of the book sparked my writing itch. There is no way I can write summary-style … Read More

Weekend Links

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The Primary Purpose of a Woman by Angelina Stanford at CiRCE “She needs to remember that the laundry can wait for the eternal things, which are far more important. She does not need to be told that clean clothes please God more than prayer.” Are You Happy? by Nancy Wilson at Femina “Finally, we should remember that happiness is a great benefit to us and a means of glorifying God. He is the source of all happiness, and we return … Read More

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