Iterating on a school year – the results of my own homeschool audit

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This is our final week of homeschool lessons, then we’ll take half a week to complete our standardized testing and joyfully embark on our 7 week summer break, which will include a family wedding, swim lessons, and tennis camp. 3 things that worked this year Learning with friends. Sharing life and learning with likeminded friends is, by far, my favorite part of our homeschool year and a key in our consistency and much of our success. Other kids show up … Read More

Harvest Term, Week 1 (2013-2014 school year)

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The Week in Brief This was our first week of Harvest Term, so we have new Circle Time material in our binders and a tweaked schedule (because I take every opportunity for tweaking schedules). Everyone definitely had their good and bad moments this week, myself not excluded. Both boys are at a point in their math where each equation is a lot of work (long division and multiple-digit multiplication), but after 2 weeks of plugging away at it, of going … Read More