5 Myths about Teaching from Rest

Rest. You know you need it. What do you picture, when you think of yourself resting? Walks on a beach? A nap? Curling up with tea and a novel? These are lovely respites that we enjoy, but these images or memories also end up confusing us when rest is used in other contexts. Turns out, there are other kinds of rest – and we need all the kinds, at appropriate times. Picture yourself teaching from rest. What do you see … Read More

How Can I Take a Sabbath? Surviving a Day of Rest as Mom.

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Really, it’s pretty amusing when you step back and think about it. Here we are, mothers of bustling families, running around like crazies all week, wishing for time off or a day out, and griping in our own heads about the amount of work there is to do. Sunday comes, the 10 Commandments are read, and we think, “Well, God didn’t actually mean one of those. There’s no way I can take a day off.” Sure enough, the thing you … Read More

Take a break.

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Organize your attitude #48 No matter how much we have to do, we all need to take breaks. Our bodies were not meant to be go-go-go all the time. Sleep is crucial to our health, to our ability to go at all. Meals are for us spiritually, culturally, relationally when taken sitting at a table rather than on the go. Sleep and meals are the basic breaks built into the rhythm of our lives, and we’d do well to heed … Read More

Budgeting time for rest and renewal

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So, I’ve written about why time budgets are important and helpful and also shared the details of my own. It’s so easy to fill out that spreadsheet or piece of paper with an idealistic frame of mind that does not account for the realities of working out a plan in a house full of people. To keep your time budget in touch with real life, keep in mind these three factors. Budget Margin To make your time budget work better, … Read More

Dread the end of summer?

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It’s the Monday of a new month. A fresh week in a fresh month! For many of us, August is a month of either beginning school or getting ready to begin school. It is a month of both vacation and of returning to regular routine. It is, therefore, a month of tension and conflict between these two parts of our lives: summer break & workaday life. If you’re torn between these two, or are mourning to see the season of … Read More

Desiring the Kingdom Book Club, week 12: Antiphonal Living – Simply Convivial

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This week in Desiring the Kingdom, we enter the worship service proper with the call to worship and the response of singing. Worship is beautiful, is it not? I look forward to thinking more and more how these aspects of weekly worship affect and can shape the rest of our days and our whole lives. Summary: Call and Response Worship is antiphonal. God is the One summoning us, the One acting first. Worship of the triune God is relational and … Read More

Living from a state of rest – Simply Convivial

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Cum dignitate otium, or Rest The Education is for Life Series This principle was another where I had to do my own searching for an applicable Latin motto. I could not leave out the concept of Leisure, the Basis of Culture, or Rest, or scholé. However, I had to laugh at myself, I started with a Google search of “Schole Latin motto.” Scholé, is, of course, Greek, and so nothing helpful came up. So, I discovered that otium was the … Read More