Teaching from Faithfulness, not Fear

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Dr. Perrin, when he speaks of scholé, often uses the story of Mary and Martha to illustrate. It is easy to become the Martha – bustling and busy and distracted. More than that, she’s easily irritated, so caught up in her production and housework that she almost missed the point. That hits home. Sarah Mackenzie, in Teaching from Rest, draws on the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. We bring our pittance in faith, and Jesus works the miracle … Read More

Seeking Leisure & Scholé

I am currently in the midst of the summer teacher class “Bringing Scholé to the Home & Homeschool,” taught by Dr. Christopher Perrin. He’s been assigning chapters from The Liberal Arts Tradition and Leisure, the Basis of Culture, and though I’ve read both books before, it’s been excellent to revisit Leisure (it’s been years since I last read it) with the opportunity to discuss it with others and to see how The Liberal Arts Tradition is putting legs on the … Read More

Daily faithfulness over measurable results

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One more post about Michael Horton’s Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World if you’ll humor me. I think this is a book any mom deep in the trenches of raising kids would appreciate. Horton grounds us in solid teaching that centers us on the Gospel, in the finished work of Christ, rather than on ambitious, restless desires for “doing great things for God.” This doesn’t mean we do nothing. Rest is not inactivity. Is is a state of … Read More

Dread the end of summer?

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It’s the Monday of a new month. A fresh week in a fresh month! For many of us, August is a month of either beginning school or getting ready to begin school. It is a month of both vacation and of returning to regular routine. It is, therefore, a month of tension and conflict between these two parts of our lives: summer break & workaday life. If you’re torn between these two, or are mourning to see the season of … Read More

Planning with the Scholé Sisters: Scheduling from Rest

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I am so excited right now to be working with an amazing team to bring you a new site we’ve named Scholé Sisters. It’s a place for homeschooling mothers who want to cultivate the True, Good, and Beautiful in themselves and their children, and we have some amazing content and resources and discussion topics planned. Sarah Mackenzie, Brandy Vencel, Pam Barnhill, and I will be launching Scholé Sisters on July 21st! But we had a series idea that I thought … Read More

Desiring the Kingdom Book Club, week 12: Antiphonal Living – Simply Convivial

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This week in Desiring the Kingdom, we enter the worship service proper with the call to worship and the response of singing. Worship is beautiful, is it not? I look forward to thinking more and more how these aspects of weekly worship affect and can shape the rest of our days and our whole lives. Summary: Call and Response Worship is antiphonal. God is the One summoning us, the One acting first. Worship of the triune God is relational and … Read More

Living from a state of rest

Cum dignitate otium, or Rest The Education is for Life Series This principle was another where I had to do my own searching for an applicable Latin motto. I could not leave out the concept of Leisure, the Basis of Culture, or Rest, or scholé. However, I had to laugh at myself, I started with a Google search of “Schole Latin motto.” Scholé, is, of course, Greek, and so nothing helpful came up. So, I discovered that otium was the … Read More

The Simple Life.

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Multum non Multa, or Simplicity Part of the Education Is for Life Series It is true that education is a life, and it is true that Life is an education, but it is also true that education is for life. If this classical education we are seeking for our children is meant to prepare them for life – and it is – then is it not true that we ourselves – as mothers, as women – need this preparation? While … Read More

A Year-Round Homeschool Schedule

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Update: This post was written in 2012. Find more on how to plan a year-round homeschool schedule here. This is our fourth year of using a year-round calendar. I thoroughly enjoy it, so I thought I’d line out a little more about the why and the how. The Benefits of Schooling Year-Round Common problems like February burnout happen less often and less intensely, because we get regular breaks and don’t stretch our endurance to the breaking point. There is always … Read More

Leisure starts with a mindset | Leisure, the Basis of Culture, chapter 5

Ok, I’m a week late, but I still want to post on this chapter. It was the best chapter yet, and yet the connections that I knew were there were simply not sparking in my brain. I had no clue what to write. But, at the church women’s retreat I attended this weekend, I was able to take a little time alone (several little times, actually) and recharge my introvert self. :) Rereading the chapter in that setting, suddenly my … Read More

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