Leisure as a State of Soul | Leisure, the Basis of Culture, chapter 3

Chapter 3 is the pay-off chapter. I barely comprehended chapter 2, but chapter 3 was excellent and clarifying. In reading it, bits and pieces I’d picked up here and there were brought together and tied together with a beautiful bow. Even if you aren’t following along, chapter 3 is worth reading as a stand-alone essay. However, I must say that as I read more, I become more and more annoyed with the translator’s use of punctuation. Leisure as a state … Read More

Poetic Knowledge Entry: Statements on Rest

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My brain is not connecting the dots today. I drove several hours on Saturday, and I had some great thoughts I was going to post that I no longer remember. So this is all I have to contribute to the Poetic Knowledge book club. I remember some of the dots, but I don’t remember how I was going to connect them. So. I present to you: dots. Let’s see if you can help me connect them. We should teach from … Read More

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