5 Myths about Teaching from Rest

Do you know what it means to teach from rest? Teaching from rest is not easy or gentle or comfortable. Teaching from rest is homeschooling faithfully.   Rest. You know you need it. What do you picture, when you think of yourself resting? Walks on a beach? A nap? Curling up with tea and a novel? These are lovely respites that we enjoy, but these images or memories also end up confusing us when rest is used in other contexts. … Read More

Teaching from Faithfulness, not Fear

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Dr. Perrin, when he speaks of scholé, often uses the story of Mary and Martha to illustrate. It is easy to become the Martha – bustling and busy and distracted. More than that, she’s easily irritated, so caught up in her production and housework that she almost missed the point. That hits home. Sarah Mackenzie, in Teaching from Rest, draws on the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. We bring our pittance in faith, and Jesus works the miracle … Read More

How to Use Evernote for Loop Schedules

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Have you heard of loop scheduling for your homeschool? Sarah Mackenzie wrote about it awhile back and got us all thinking and talking about it: Loop Scheduling for a Recovering Type A. Pam Barnhill, in her Plan Your Year Kit, includes a section detailing the why and how of loop scheduling, and the kit also includes an audio interview with Sarah Mackenzie on how to make a loop schedule work. So, how can we use Evernote for loop schedules and … Read More