Simplify breakfast & feed the troops without going crazy

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If I am being honest, breakfast is often my hardest meal of the day to cook. Cooking breakfast, at some level, is admitting that the day has actually begun, and I am responsible to be an Adult to participate. I know I need breakfast. I know that my family needs breakfast. My children need a good breakfast to think well during their studies, to nourish them after a long overnight fast. My husband needs food with enough umph to get … Read More

How to menu plan 6 weeks at a time

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Remembering how to menu plan As the end of the school semester drew near, the holidays drew near, the end of the year drew near, I stopped menu planning. I just never took the time to sit down and write out meals – there were always other things I thought I should be doing. We still ate just fine – Simplified Dinners means a slip up in the menu planning process doesn’t throw me for much of a loop. We … Read More