Simplify breakfast & feed the troops without going crazy

If I am being honest, breakfast is often my hardest meal of the day to cook. Cooking breakfast, at some level, is admitting that the day has actually begun, and I am responsible to be an Adult to participate. I know I need breakfast. I know that my family needs breakfast. My children need a good breakfast to think well during their studies, to nourish them after a long overnight fast. My husband needs food with enough umph to get … Read More

How to menu plan 6 weeks at a time

Remembering how to menu plan As the end of the school semester drew near, the holidays drew near, the end of the year drew near, I stopped menu planning. I just never took the time to sit down and write out meals – there were always other things I thought I should be doing. We still ate just fine – Simplified Dinners means a slip up in the menu planning process doesn’t throw me for much of a loop. We … Read More

Cook Frozen Ground Beef in 20 Minutes

It happens all too often: it’s 4pm and I don’t know what’s for dinner. Now, having my pantry stocked correctly and my plan possibilities already lined out (in Simplified Dinners) does help tremendously in these situations. Actually. it enables me to have such situations, because I know I have meal-makings on hand that I can quickly pull together. However, sometimes the meat is frozen, rock solid, at 4pm — or even later. I found a solution to this dilemma, so … Read More