Life is a Story: Tell God’s Story Rather Than Your Own
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We must submit to the master narrative rather than trying to tell our own hero tales. You are not the hero. I am not the hero. Christ is the Hero. This means we must be familiar with God’s Story, which happens by rereading and rereading and rereading the Bible all our lives. Life is God’s story; therefore, do not complain under hard providences. The testing of your faith develops steadfastness. Let steadfastness have its full effect. No story line happens … Read More

Life is a Story: You Are Not Always the Protagonist
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Life is a story, and it’s not all about you; therefore, realize that there are millions of competing stories going on at once. You see yourself as a hero in your own story, but so does each person in the grocery store. Who are you in their story? You’re just background color. Perhaps you’re even a petty annoyance. You’re not usually the big shot. My son, when you feel overwhelmed by a trouble, calm yourself down by changing the perspective … Read More

Life is a Story: You Are in a Fairy Tale
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Not only can these fairy-tales be enjoyed because they are moral, but morality can be enjoyed because it puts us in fairyland, in a world at once of wonder and of war. — G.K. Chesterton Life is a story. It is God’s Story. It is God’s fairy tale. There is the big-picture Story that God is telling from beginning to end, a story of an enchanted tree in an idyllic garden, a story of free men enslaved and then made … Read More

Life is a Story: Living Your Biography

Life is a story. There is the big-picture Story that God is telling from beginning to end, a story where we are just bit players adding color along the way. But, within the big picture, our little bit roles are yet complex and stand-alone stories as well. Your life is the story of you. That means that right now, today, you are writing your biography. What will be included in your biography? What types of events are included in biographies … Read More