Hey, slob. You might be a perfectionist.

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It’s paralyzing. Perfectionism. I used to think I was not a perfectionist, because nothing I did was perfect. I was a slob, so how could I be a perfectionist? Then one time I was visiting with my mom, who mentioned that my youngest sister was a perfectionist – like I was. I was bewildered by this casual accusation. Me? A perfectionist? Isn’t that reserved for people who can draw true circles and sew in straight lines and insist on doing … Read More

Cleaning House While Homeschooling

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Cleaning and I have a complicated relationship. I am naturally a Messie. I can easily cultivate my oblivion to the state of my house as well as my disdain for the menial, always-needing-to-be-redone work. But I am slowly, continually, reforming – repenting. After all, I know Elisabeth Elliot is right when she writes: “The beauty of Thy peace” is a worthy thing to strain after, and the way I keep my house is not unrelated. Moreover, it is one way … Read More