Poetic Knowledge: Education and Emotion – Simply Convivial

This is my own rabbit trail post for thePoetic Knowledge Book Club. Education and Emotion The second-to-last paragraph of chapter 1 struck me more than anything else in this chapter: Given that the scientific idea of education is a mechanical model that manifests itself in some form of the “drill and kill” system, and given, in contrast, that the human being is not a machine and has not, for centuries, responded to learning by such methods, the conflict produced by … Read More

2011-2012 School Year: Inspirations – Simply Convivial

Here are the books and blog posts I revisited while I was putting together my lists and plans. List Books The Book Tree by Elizabeth McCallum & Jane Scott All Through the Ages by Christine Miller (I inherited the first edition in a 3-ring binder from my mom) Big Picture “By Design” at Quiddity by James Daniels “Homeschooling the Freeborn” at Ordo Amoris by Cindy Rollins “How to Simply Homeschool” at Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp “Mission Drift, homeschool style” … Read More