Simply Contemplate: Born to Trouble – Simply Convivial

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I finished N.D. Wilson’s somewhat autobiographical (or, more biographical of his four grandparents) Death By Living a couple weeks ago. Though I liked his ideas, they were hindered in his presentation. The disjointed, staccato style didn’t take long to become irritating, which is disappointing because I think it masked his effort: to push the doctrine of Providence out onto the corners and push us to not only accept life as it is Providentially given to us, but to embrace it … Read More

Simply Contemplate: Parenting is Teaching

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Here is a pair of quotes from The Art of Teaching that, though they are 22 pages apart, together speak more to our roles as mothers than as school teachers. The Art of Teaching: Teaching happens, whether you intend it or not, and it is the how more than the what that instructs. Yet it is impossible to have children without teaching them. Beat them, coddle them, ignore them, force-feed them, shun them or worry about them, love them or … Read More

Simply Contemplate: There are no magic formulas for teaching – Simply Convivial

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I just started The Art of Teaching by Gilbert Highet, and have been surprised at how easy to read and yet thought-provoking it has been: a mark of truly good writing. The Art of Teaching: What does it mean for teaching to be human? “Scientific” teaching, even of scientific subjects, will be inadequate as long as both teachers and pupils are human beings. Teaching is not like inducing a chemical reaction. It is much more like panting a picture or … Read More

Classically Charlotte: Children are born persons

So Brandy of Afterthoughts is leading a study of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles of Education at the Ambleside Online forum, and even though I don’t use Ambleside, I very much respect and admire Miss Mason’s principles. So, I thought I’d follow their discussion and also work out here how her principles align with classical categories. Principle of Education #1: Children are born persons. Children are born as image-bearers of God, yet also subject to sin. They are not blank slates. … Read More

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