When your kid says, “I hate math!”

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If you’ve homeschooled for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered them: math fits. On good days, it looks like mad math doodles and rhyming complaints. On average days, it looks like snarky word-answers to word-problems and bitter mutterings about John or Sue finding out how much they spent for themselves instead of asking someone else to do their work for them. Sure, we have good math days, too. Sometimes we even encounter a new topic, it clicks, and we … Read More

Year-Round Homeschooling Schedule: Break Week FAQ

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We have observed a year-round school calendar from the very beginning, 9 1/2 years ago. We begin our school year in July, do school in 6-week terms with a break between terms, taking off all of December and June. Read more: The Secret of Year-Round Homeschooling For us, the regular breaks – none of which are too long – help keep us refreshed and motivated without going through extended breaks which require lots of review time when we return to … Read More

What do the kids think about school in July? – Simply Convivial

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I recently discovered the app Periscope. Have you tried it out yet? I’m playing around with it this week, and it’s kinda fun. I’m @MystieWinckler there if you want to come chat with me about various organization and homeschool topics. You can’t get there via a website; you do have to use the app. This week’s question came from Instagram, when I posted about our start of our new school year in early July. It seems like a natural question, … Read More

Our Time Budget & Flow Chart for Summer Term

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Today is the first day of school for us. We wrapped up our last year in early May, so we’ve been eight weeks without lessons and, worse, eight weeks without structure. I always have good intentions going into summer that we will still stick to some sort of routine that will keep us all stable, but it never happens. Summer break is a break, and it probably should be. It’s probably good for us all that we start a new … Read More

Classical Homeschool Plan for Summer Term 2015 – Simply Convivial

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I always want to kick off the new year in full gear, full speed, full throttle. Turns out that approach drives the whole venture straight off the cliff, and fast. It was two years ago my friend pretty much forced me to ease into my schedule by saying we shouldn’t start our lesson-trading mini-co-op until September, even if our year-round schedule begins in July. I went along with that suggestion, but it hadn’t been my idea – if we’re going … Read More

31 Days of Organizing Homeschool Stuff: My Year-Round Schedule in Real Life – Simply Convivial

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This month I am taking you on a tour of my favorite organizing solutions. They aren’t likely to hot on Pinterest or featured on a crafty blog, but they make life around here run more smoothly. Schooling Year-Round Yes, we are those sorts of homeschoolers who school year-round. It seems like people interpret this to mean we are always school, school, school. The truth is that I school year-round so I can have more of a break, not less. I … Read More

Homeschool Planning, a year at a time: Be Ready to Go!

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Homeschool Planning Series, introduction & index I am very much impressed by the people who regularly set aside time daily, weekly, or even monthly to get their school stuff in order and laid out. As a planner, it seems like I should be able to do the same. However, I have come to grips that I am an administrator, a big-picture thinker, and a synthesizer/creator/planner, but not a task- and detail-oriented person. I can make an amazing, beautiful checklist that … Read More

Homeschool Planning, a year at a time: Organize Stuff & Spaces

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Homeschool Planning Series, introduction & index This is my third year of planning, preparing, and organizing our entire year of school all at once before we begin. I am not consistent enough to have a regular weekly teacher preparation time, much less a daily one, so this is what works for me. I hope it helps you, as well. Now that all the plans are in order, it’s time to get and deal with the actual stuffs. 1. Place orders … Read More

Homeschool Planning, a year at a time: Create the Support Systems

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Homeschool Planning Series, introduction & index Because I am just not one to regularly and faithfully set aside time daily or weekly or monthly to get things in order, I do my best to set things up all at once at the beginning of our year so they can flow with minimal effort on my part. I’ll always be tweaking, and bins and desks and shelves always need attention, but the question of “what to do” has already been decided … Read More