Homeschooling is a full-time job. If you feel like it’s hard to keep up with other aspects of life while homeschooling – you’re not crazy and you’re not alone.

Homeschooling is not for everyone and it’s not always a rosy, sunshiny path. But if it’s our calling, we can do it competently, capably, and confidently. That doesn’t mean finding the easy answer or the magic solution; it means being faithful.

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How Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Fit in Real Life
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Have you ever walked into a conversation halfway through? Perhaps, unbeknownst to you, it was a conversation that had been going on sporadically between these friends for weeks or even months. It’s a fascinating conversation,... Read More

Merchant of Venice Lesson Plans
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Merchant of Venice might be a politically incorrect play, but it is too good for us to ignore. While it makes moderns uncomfortable because the Jew is made to forcibly convert in the end, it... Read More

5 Tips for Using Math-U-See
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Is there more angst spilt in homeschooling over any subject more than math? Math is a subject none of us want to mess up. Once our children hit middle school, people start asking how we... Read More

3 Ways Kids’ Personalities Affect Learning
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By now you know I like to geek out about personality. I’ve written about the personalities of homeschool moms. I’ve theorized about kids’ personalities and learning styles. And I’ve applied all my researching and musing... Read More

Lesson Plans for The Comedy of Errors
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The Comedy of Errors is a great play for kids who might be skeptical about Shakespeare. Full of slap-stick humor, over-the-top coincidences, and witty one-liners, Comedy of Errors is more about the laughs than the... Read More

Why I Love Math-U-See
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I am not a math person. Math has been the subject that daunts me most when I think about the big picture of homeschooling. Or, at least, it did. Now that I’m 9 years into this... Read More

Lesson Plans for Much Ado About Nothing
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Shakespeare doesn’t have to be scary or intense to incorporate into your homeschool. The stories are timeless, the language is beautiful, and they are chock full of ridiculous characters and jokes that are sure to... Read More

The tone of the teacher – Simply Convivial
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What synchronicity! As I was recording the Seven Laws of Teaching Your Own Series for season two of the (, the Quintillian section in The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be... Read More

The Key to Homeschooling Consistently
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Have you ever started off your day by watching a movie, turning on the television, mindlessly clicking around Facebook, or skimming your online news feed? It happens. Does it affect your mood? We’re fooling ourselves... Read More

The Best Character Building Program
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“Mommy! He hit me!” “But he was being annoying!” How easy is it to start barking out the orders: “You, don’t tattle.” “You, don’t lie.” “You, don’t hit.” “You, mind your own business.” …and then... Read More