mystie winckler

Yes, you can have both peace and productivity.

Spend your time meaningfully; don't spin your wheels.

Get things done - the right things - without getting stressed.

Have your plan and work it too.

Do not grow weary in doing good.

Our problem is we confuse productivity and organization with control. We put our energies into controlling stuff and controlling others, but we’re only called to control ourselves.

Before we can disciple others, we must be disciples. We must submit to God’s training just as the toddler must submit to ours. Trust Him. His training ground - your home - is a place where fruit of the Spirit can grow. They do grow for those who seek them; they do not magically appear to those who avoid exercising them.

All of life - even (especially!) mom life - is for sanctification. Our job is to be sanctified, not sanctify others.

Repent. Rejoice. Repeat.

Mystie and her husband Matt are both second-generation homeschoolers now classically educating their five kids at home.

From kindergarten to high school, with lots of laughter and laundry, their days are filled to the brim with good things - including repentance & forgiveness.

Find the insights you need:

I'm new - just show me where to start.

It's not just the house that's a mess - it's my life.

Get help.

My plans never work; they seem like a waste of time.

Get clear.

My homeschool day derails before it begins.

Get support.

The only kind of control we're meant to have is self-control.

Apply solutions:

Climb out of chaos.

Simplified Organization will walk you, step by step, through the process of taking the reigns not only of your home, but also your attitude.

Learn more.

Conquer procrastination.

Work the Plan will teach you how to make your goals a reality in the midst of a real, full life at home.

Learn more.

Homeschool with rooted peace.

Art of Homeschooling will teach you how to homeschool from a state of rest and peace that is founded in God's providence rather than our own control.

Learn more.

What other moms have to say:

I’m so grateful for this course- it set the path of consistency in personal exercise & now I’m running regularly! Simple, easy steps helped me build habits that I could expand on later!

Heather T.

The fruit from those little habits were a godsend for this time in my life. God used your insights to change my life and my family’s life for the better.


Not only is my trigger working, but now I remember to pray even when I don’t see the trigger! Thank you so much- this is just what I needed!


Even on cold meds, I’m keeping my habit! ?

anonymous accountability text

Get accountability:

Build routines that work.

During the 6-week Sweep & Smile Accountability Program you'll build and implement the routines you need to keep your home running smoothly.

Learn more.

Build foundational habits.

Humble Habits, a 6-week accountability program, will guide you through practicing 5 key personal habits that affect every area of life.

Learn more.

Grab your headphones:

Five-minute pep talks to help you take meaningful, cheerful action.

Short but meaty focus sessions to help you keep your head in the game as a homeschool mom.

Camaraderie for the classical homeschool mama so she, too, can learn and grow.

Start with a brain dump

If you aren’t sure where to start or what you need, the best thing to do is a brain dump.

Download my free guide to a thorough brain dump and declutter your mind.

Stick around and find insightful thoughts about homemaking, homeschooling, and mothering.

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