Truth is from God – Augustine on learning

Augustine, doctor of the church, protected the church against heresy and also gave the church a rich heritage of philosophy and theology. _ 
Not only did he receive and use a classical education of the first caliber, he also had thoughts about education and for students as well. Today we’ll look at some of his advice to scholars, excerpted from The Great Tradition: Classical Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being. Matters of study, matters to … Read More

Be a Shepherd, Not a Sheepdog – part 1

Back in July, we held the first Scholé Sisters retreat with the topic of leadership. During my talk, “Lead with Your Strengths,” I made the analogy of being a shepherd rather than a sheepdog. The shepherd and the sheepdog both have a similar goal: to take the sheep from here to there. But they do so in very different ways. Whereas the shepherd guides and calls and directs with inherent authority yet also with a gentleness that understands the sheep’s … Read More

What profit it a man? – Augustine on education

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As I slowly make my way through The Great Tradition, I am fascinated to read what the best minds of the past have prioritized in education. Particularly because I am now in the Church Fathers section, it is so good to see how they handled the transition from the classical world into Christendom – they knew philosophy, science, and the arts were not automatically corrupting simply because they came from the Gentiles. Augustine will have a bit more to say … Read More

Commonplacing for Moms: 10 Tips to Get Started

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A commonplace is a notebook for keeping favorite quotes, inspiring ideas, or thoughtful notes. It’s a highly individual practice that has been used by “keepers” of all walks of life for nearly as long as the means to conveniently and cheaply read and write have been available. It’s making a resurgence in the classical education world as well as the Charlotte Mason community because both recognize that learning is a process of the student’s mind acting on the material. Choosing … Read More

Scholé Is Celebration

I’ve read Joseph Pieper’s little book Leisure: The Basis of Culture a few times, and every time I find it worth the slog in the beginning to make it to the chapter 4. Chapter 4 confirmed to me that convivial was a word to latch onto and make my own – one way or another. What is education for? What is life for? It is not for work for work’s sake. The work must be for a purpose larger than … Read More

SC049: Organized Homeschool White Board

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff I’ve created a few iterations of a chore board over the last year and a half. First it was a poster board frame, and I wrote directly on the hard plastic frame. That worked well, because I could tuck it away quickly and easily when I didn’t want our schedule, consequences, and school assignments on display. Then, my 3-year-old used it as a slide (which means he was climbing up it). The frame and plastic … Read More

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