SC048: A Digital Homeschool Planner

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff Keeping track of what each student is supposed to be doing, and making sure they are doing it is one of the struggles of homeschooling moms everywhere. Here’s how we’re managing it with a free online (and mobile) app called Trello. Some people use spiral notebooks for a daily list; we use Trello for weekly lists. Here are the details and even some video tutorials to get you started! Giving the kids a checklist of … Read More

5 Myths about Teaching from Rest

Rest. You know you need it. What do you picture, when you think of yourself resting? Walks on a beach? A nap? Curling up with tea and a novel? These are lovely respites that we enjoy, but these images or memories also end up confusing us when rest is used in other contexts. Turns out, there are other kinds of rest – and we need all the kinds, at appropriate times. Picture yourself teaching from rest. What do you see … Read More

SC047: How I Catalog My Books

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff You know I love lists. And I also love books. So what could be better than a list of books? How about a list of my books? I won’t try to convince you that you need to catalog your books, because you probably don’t. But having a catalog of the books on my own shelves is something inherently appealing to me, and it might be to you, too. Read the original post: How I catalogued … Read More

SC046: Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff We homeschool without a schoolroom. Like many homeschoolers, the kitchen table is where much of our work happens. We use our kitchen table, we use our dining room table, we use our couch, and we make due with the space we have. I could write up a great-sounding post about why we don’t have a school room on principle. Something about school blending in with real life and not being contained in a separate box. … Read More

SC045: Organizing Your Homeschool with Shelves & Bins

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff The real trick about having a tidy or organized house is for everything to have a home. Things without homes are clutter. Things with homes can be put away, leaving space for life to happen. Mid-day, the house might look chaotic, but by evening, if everything has a place to go, it can look decently in order again. Read the original post: Homeschooling Without a School Room: Shelves Listen: Simple Sanity Saver: Morning Time Memorization … Read More

SC044: How We Organize Homeschool Stuff

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Season 8: Organize Homeschool Stuff We are doing something new starting this season and that is kicking things off with a FAQ episode. Joining me to do this is Virginia Lee Rogers. Virginia Lee and I have known each other online for years and she is now helping me with customer support so if you send an email to Simplified Organization or Simply Convivial you might just get a reply back from Virginia Lee and I want you to get … Read More

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