SC037: How to lesson plan so you’re never behind

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Season 6: Homeschool Planning Some homeschool moms – maybe those with school-teacher backgrounds – have elaborate homeschool lesson plans – full sheets of papers full of ideas, notes, references, activities, and objectives. Many homeschool moms have no lesson plans at all. I have never been in that first category, but more often find myself in the latter. Even though I love planning, lesson plans seemed more like a waste of time than anything else. The truth is that a plan … Read More

SC036: Plan a Homeschool Day

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Season 6: Homeschool Planning What, out of everything in the plan, is essential to make our homeschool day count? Because more often than not, at least at my house, the entire plan doesn’t get checked off. So what does need to happen, without fail? Here’s my version. 5 Essential Pieces of Our Homeschool Day Read the original post: 5 Essential Pieces of Our Homeschool Day Listen: Recommended: Clever Curriculum Connection: Latin So, I use a simple practice page for this … Read More

SC035: 3 Tools for a Sane Homeschool Plan

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Season 6: Homeschool Planning It’s one thing to buy the books and supples, to make a plan, to create a chart and quite another to actually pull it off in a typical day. Days never go exactly as imagined, but it’s worth the time to imagine it even so – and the more you practice imagining it and planning for contingencies before the heat of the moment, the better you’ll become and rolling with the punches of a real-life homeschool … Read More

Why Call It Classical Education?

Every once in awhile I chat with someone who wants to quibble about using the term classical education. For one reason or another, they think the label classical should be abandoned. On the one hand, I don’t care. Call it whatever you want. We can have a conversation about True Education, Real Education, a Liberal Arts Education, or Christian Education if calling it Classical Education trips you up. But regardless of the label, the discussion will be same because the … Read More

SC034: Secrets about Schedules

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Season 6: Homeschool Planning Does the word schedule make you break out in hives? Do you picture yourself harried and deflated at the end of a day on a schedule? Maybe for you, like me, that’s a vivid memory, not a theoretical picture. There’s a lot of visceral reaction against schedules in the homeschool world, and I totally get why. I mean, can I schedule diaper blowouts and my doorbell ringing and the toddler pulling an open bag of powdered … Read More

Keeping Track in a Busy Homeschool Day

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re homeschooling multiple kids. Chores, reading, math, writing, and various other activities all require some kind of accountability. If we think our kids don’t need accountability, we’re going to have a sad wakeup call eventually. They do need it. If we don’t care enough to check up on them and the quality and consistency of their work – regularly – they will not care enough to do it. And then the problem … Read More

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