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I have been enjoying the short but thoughtful daily chapters of the ebook “31 Days to Clean,” and the accompanying two daily tasks: one contemplative and one active. In this first week I have accomplished several deep cleaning tasks in the kitchen that I had not yet done at all in the two years we have been in this house, like cleaning the oven, or had not done recently enough, like clean the inside of the microwave and fridge. They might not be immediately obvious cleaning results, but it still is nice having it finally done rather than lingering in the back of my mind as something that should be done when I can get to it sometime.

I was avoiding cleaning my inbox cupboard above my computer, because in order to clean it I’d have to deal with this:

But after finishing all the other cupboards and still, sadly, having enough time left, I buckled down and forced a start by simply pulling all the contents out onto the counter.

Yes. Alarming, but true. This is the full view:

So, I put things back one by one in an orderly fashion, setting back only what belongs up there and that in an organized fashion. I made piles of things needing to go to other various rooms and fetched them off (and just set them into the right room but didn’t get everything to its right place; that’s good enough for now, isn’t it?). Within 15 minutes of starting, this is where I ended up:

Not bad, eh?! Five more minutes after plying the children with food and the job was done and oh so worth it. For, when I open that cupboard (which is often), I am greeted with peace and order and a visual “well done” rather than being visually assaulted with another piece of order I lost and another task I should do.

Purge a feared shelf and wipe it out and set it to rights; you’ll be glad you did.

I am an affiliate for 31 Days to Clean, but only because I bought it, used it, and enjoyed it myself.

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