Capturing Contentment

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round button chicken


Children playing together:


The best $5 birthday present: a game of Cooties.

Ilse calls them cuties.

I tell her she’s the cutie.

Knox is the silly. Yes, the cootie is supposed to be kissing his cheek.


Sometimes, our house needs an industrial clean. Sometimes, this is the right tool for our floors.


One of my tricks for occupying my toddler during school hours:

A dice tower.

It’s kinda noisy, but less noisy than a free-range toddler.

It usually works for a solid ten minutes!

  1. Lisa G.
    | Reply

    Cooties! I used to play with those – how that takes me back! I’d forgotten.

    I came over here from Leila’s, wondering what that contraption was – you have nice wood floors. I guess you know how to use that thing. :)

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