Capturing Contentment: Garden Edition!

round button chicken


With my birthday money last year I got myself a cute pair of purple gardening boots at Target! I’m enjoying them.


Strawberries: my favorite part of the garden. Grass got into the bed (and the strawberries got into the grass), but the strawberries are still going strong and have blossoms and green baby strawberries forming! I had enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite, serve to company multiple times, and still freeze a couple bags last year, the first year — we’ll see if we get even more this year!


After a couple years of gardening mostly 5-foot weeds, my husband decided we should try the neat and tidy approach. He grassed the entire garden area in the fall, then this weekend built me three 3×6 raised beds, and they are far enough apart that the riding lawn mower can go between them. I’ve already filled them up, but it should be the right amount for this year. Next year I’m hoping for 3 more.

This middle box has onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

Herbs! Brussels sprouts! Lettuce seeds yet to emerge! Shallots!


We are trying grapes again!

We have one black monukka, one red flame, and one canadice — all seedless. The helpful man at the Flower Farm claimed three vines would give us much more than we can eat, but Matt is quite doubtful of that. I am sure we can eat a lot of grapes. :) There’s room for one more vine on the row, and I’m sure Matt will fill it in.

Between the grape posts I ran some string and am growing peas there.

Next up this month: Finding a friend with too many raspberry canes and planting a 50-foot row of raspberries.

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  1. Lisa G.

    Oh, good luck with your gardening – I’m just starting out with gardening, and am quite excited about it!