Capturing Contentment: Keep the Plan, Make a Plan

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After being enamored with my 15-year-old youngest sister’s new bangs, Ilse requested bangs of her own. Since I am slightly disappointed during this current heavy-bangs trend that I can’t have bangs (I have a cowlick right at my forehead), I happily obliged her.

She calls them bang-bongs. Knox ran around the house in circles yelling, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” apparently demonstrating that he, too, has bangs.


An after-dinner, after-bedtime clean kitchen:

It’s not show-worthy clean — there are still dishes waiting for the next free dishwasher load — but it’s a lot more pleasant than it had been fifteen minutes prior. My marvelous husband did most of it, but I did the handwashing while he swept. The evening clean up can actually be a pleasant time for chatting, turns out.

So, I have kept the morning routine plan every morning so far this week, and Monday and Wednesday evening I we did the evening routine, but Tuesday Matt was busy and I claimed first trimester blechs and sent myself to bed rather than to the sink.

I almost bailed again tonight, but my rational self pointed out it was only sloth, not actual fatigue. Then I noticed Matt was doing most of it anyway, so I perked up and pitched in and got my picture. :)


Though technically we will all still be able to fit in our ’98 Ford Expedition after the baby is born, the space is already tight. The Expedition has very little cargo room and very little leg room in the back (and we have long-legged children). So Matt had been watching craigslist for vans for several weeks. He inquired about a conversion van (which it turns out are few and far between) in Portland, but the seller already had an interested party. That party, however, was a no show at noon on Saturday, so we got a text asking if we wanted to come see it. Just give us 4 hours!

So we piled into said Expedition and had an expedition to Portland and bought ourselves a ’99 Ford E-150 conversion van, complete with 2 captain’s chairs in the back, roomy bench in the back, plenty of cargo and leg and head room, limo lighting, fake wood panelling inside, and — yes — a tv. Thankfully, the tv console popped right out, so now I have a bunch of room by the driver’s seat to boot!


My pile of books to be inputed into my LibraryThing catalog:

I love homeschooling: an excuse to buy books! Who wants to buy curriculum packages and workbooks when you can buy books?!

More on that topic in my current series:

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  1. Meredith_in_Aus
    | Reply

    Gorgeous! I love Ilse’s bangs. Funny, as a child I used to read “Trixie Belden” and was thoroughly perplexed about what her ‘bangs’ could actually be. In Australia we would say ‘fringe.’ I didn’t work it out until the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ with Meg Ryan! (And what a relief it was to have the mystery solved.)

    BTW, can you access your Library Thing on your iPad/iPod? We’ve got Delicious Library on my hubby’s laptop, but that is not where it’s most useful. I want it on my iPod when I’m out and about – even if I’m not near wifi. Unfortunately Delicious has had hassles with Apple. Any pointers (since you appear to be my go-to girl for this sort of stuff)?

    In Him


  2. Mystie
    | Reply

    I had already chosen and imputed our books into LT before we got our mobile devices. Unfortunately, LT has had hassles with Amazon (who hosts all the book data and images) about making an app. So I can only access it with wifi.

    Here are my workarounds so far: before leaving the house, load the entire library on Safari. But that requires knowing beforehand you’ll want it. Or, export the titles into a list and coy and paste into Simplenote or Evernote. Not pretty, not ideal, but better than nothing. I’m still working on better ways, too.

    • Meredith_in_Aus
      | Reply

      Oh, now I wonder if I can export Delicious Library into Evernote? Will get my hubby to research this (he asks better questions of Google than me!). As you say, not ideal, but certainly better than nothing. So annoying when you are out and can’t remember what you have or don’t have, especially if you’ve hit the bargain jackpot with piles of cheap books. Even cheap books add up if you keep buying ones you already have, especially if you accidentally buy one you do have and miss one you don’t have.

      Thanks again, Mystie.

  3. Amy
    | Reply

    Nice van! And oooo….BOOKS!!! I’ve been wanting that Greek Myths book myself! :)

    Your daughter is so sweet! :)

  4. Kate
    | Reply

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! A clean kitchen makes me very happy too. And that pile of books has me drooling a bit.

  5. kyle suzanne
    | Reply

    Your kitchen is amazing and congratulations on the van. If we can ever get the governement to send us our tax return we hope to get one soon too. We have a Suburban I understand your current dilmena.

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