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Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things is hosting a link-up where we share the “most” posts of 2013: “Most” Posts of 2013. This is a great way to see a lot of the best posts from other homeschooling moms!

free or cheap audible audio books

Post with the most visitors

My top post of 2013 is by far Free or Cheap Audible Audio Books. That post takes you step by step through getting whispersync free classics at Audible. Totally worth it if you haven’t done that yet!

Post with the most comments

I almost never get more than 5 comments on a post, if I get any, so my Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Club post called Artsy Art blew all others out of the water with a whopping 17 comments! And that’s probably all because I used my sister’s art as the post’s graphic. I am totally not an artsy person.

Post with the best picture

Hm. I do not have good photography skills nor a nice camera. But, I think this photo is my favorite:

It is found in my post, Harvest Term, Week 1.

A close second for favorite photos, though, would be this one:

It gives me a glimpse into grandmotherhood, I think. I hope someday he holds his own baby while relaxing with a book. This photo is in Summer Term, Week 5.

Post that was hardest to write

Five Educational Principles: Education is for life was my hardest to write post this year. More than any other, this post had false starts and lots of staring at a blank screen. It was more of an amorphous idea that I knew I needed to make take shape, but that just wouldn’t. I posted this post about 3 months after I first tried drafting it.

Post that was your personal favorite

This is a really hard call to make. I really like my principles posts so far, but I think What Makes a Productive Day was exactly the sort of post I need to be writing, reading, and sharing. Oh, and, look at that, I also used my favorite photo in it.

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  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    I think you should title that picture of your son “The Best Things in Life.” Books and babies? Yes please! I LOVED your productive day post, and am really enjoying your Education is for Life series, although I assume those are very hard to write.

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Yes, they are hard to write. I don’t usually write posts that require research at all, but I have been looking things up and learning while writing those, so they take a lot of extra time. But, the flow has also hit about midway through each one, when I finally get there, and I love it when that happens!

  2. Sumer
    | Reply

    Mystie, I found your site about three months ago. I haven’t left a comment because I am just not a comment kind of gal, but I appreciate so many of your posts. You are such an encouragement. (And a good vocabulary source!!!)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Sumer! I am also not the type to comment too often, either, so I understand. Thank you for reading!

  3. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    I don’t know what I love more: the photo, or knowing that I recognize that book! Comus! Great choice, little guy! :)

    I feel you on the comments, which is why I’m leaving one now. :) But, truth be told, if there were more comments on my blog, I’d feel pressured to answer them all, and get overwhelmed. So maybe ’tis better as it is? You?

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Yes, I already don’t do well with answering comments. I’m going to do better on that in 2014!

      As an introvert, I understand not leaving comments and I don’t resent not being a comment-heavy blog. :) I can see from my statistics I have people who regularly read, and it’s ok to read in quiet. You all don’t have to feel obligated to comment to make me feel better, though I do appreciate it. :)

    • Dawn
      | Reply

      I was going to say the very same thing, Brandy! I found Comus for my family after reading about one of your used bookstore finds and it became an immediate favorite. Mystie, I adore both of the photos more than I can express. Thanks for making me smile. As an aside, I have an entire folder of pictures taken of my youngest son over the past year in which he has just fallen asleep. In half of the pics he has a book on his head much like yours here, and in the other half he is surrounded by an arsenal of weapons. Sigh.

  4. Brandy @ Afterthoughts
    | Reply

    I think I own that book because of Mystie! :)

  5. Mystie Winckler
    | Reply

    Yes, I get the blame/credit for finding Comus first! :) Because my brother and I were both on a search for everything Trina Hart Schmit.

    • Dawn
      | Reply

      Then double thank YOU, Mystie. I have collected several of THS works, too! Hands down my fave illustrator. I just remembered that I had an illustrated version of A Christmas Carol done by her. Just in time for Christmas:).

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