Catching Contentment & Conviviality

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round button chicken

I love putting together these Thursday posts, weaving together pictures of our life with words. The photos are far more objective than my own perceptions, and with some breathing space between the photos and my writing, I can see the humor, the blessing, the joy more clearly than I can in the moment. And, I have found that this practice of seeing the humor and the contentment in the past week improves my ability to see the humor and find contentment even in the midst of it, even as I reach for the camera or sigh as I see my plans for the day be replaced by other needs.

Pretty People

Happy People

My People

So during my 2014 {pretty happy funny real} posts on Thursdays I’ll be writing about contentment and conviviality in the midst of daily homeschooling life: staying encouraged, staying upbeat, staying afloat though I might feel awash. This exercise of taking photos as we go and of piecing them together into a coherent post is a way I can practice seeing the joy underneath the messiness of real life. My inner narrator might be telling me all week how lousy I am and how terrible the house is and how ill-behaved the children, but when I upload the photos and weave them together with words, it is a more true story than the one my end-of-the-day exhaustion usually tells.

Funny People

Speaking of ill-behaved children. Ilse drew this picture of me as a secret surprise one morning. “Mom!” she rejoiced as she presented it to me, “It’s you and me and we’re coming home.” I blinked and did a double-take. “Why do I have spots all over my face?” I inquired. She looked up at me earnestly and quizzically, “Because, you do!” cough Yes, she meant red blemishes. I can hardly keep myself from bursting into laughter when I walk by the fridge now (“Because, you do!” ringing in my ears) and even smirk wryly at the real red spots on my face. At least the picture is in black and white. :)

One of the miracle benefits of completing a Whole30 is supposed to be that skin clears up. So I guess we’ll be putting that one to the test. I went ahead and posted a before picture of myself over at Simple Pantry Cooking. Even if my skin isn’t drastically improved, I am hoping the silhouette will be! I am on day 4 and the carb-grief crankiness is ebbing away.

What? We’re talking about contentment and conviviality?
Can you have that without chocolate?

I guess we’ll find out in the next 26 days.

Real People

All this baby wants is her sock on her foot, so she can pull it back off again. Is that so hard?

One theme I keep seeing in the survey responses (I’ll keep it up until Monday! Please fill it out!) is that you all want to know more about day-to-day, nitty gritty, practical stuff. I love [reading] those sorts of “what our days look like” posts, too. So, I’ll try to do that as often as I can muster on these photo-heavy Thursday posts. If there’s something specific about our days that you’d like me to cover, head on over to the survey and mention it.

4 Responses

  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh! Ilse! That is too too funny. :) I’m eager to hear how your Whole 30 goes. I am fairly convinced that life ends without chocolate, so…

  2. Julie
    | Reply

    Very funny drawing:) My life definitely ends without chocolate fixes every now and then. And without black tea! I sure need my caffeine!

  3. Meredith_in_Aus
    | Reply

    “Because you do.” Ha ha ha!

    It is so good to look back on the day as you are describing.


  4. Melanie
    | Reply

    Regarding “Because you do,” I remember being out with Hans and Jaeger on a hike or rock hunt and coming up with goofy nick names for each other. One of them decided on “Dottie” for me, because I had dots on my face. =)

    Whole 30 is fantastic, I did it a while ago (along with longer periods of more lenient paleo) and have been off the wagon for oh… two years maybe? =) I look forward to hearing about your experience!

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