October Organizing Progress Report

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If you’ve been trying to get organized with the Simplified Organization Course, I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on specifically this month and where you’ve seen progress.


My own progress

This month I gave my kitchen a much-needed cleaning out. Things have gotten pretty bad when you use a hand-vac to clean out drawers. cough

But the best way to organize a shelf or drawer or cupboard is to empty it completely and then put things back the way you want them. So, the kitchen drawers are also tidier and more organized. Over time, previous organizings simply wear off, especially when children empty the dishwasher.

So it feels good to open the cupboards and see them clean and orderly.

I’ve also joined a small gym – of the simple row-of-treadmills variety – for the first time ever. I need to exercise, and it’s getting too cold and wet to continue my walking outside. So, not only am I going to get my steps in early in the pitch black morning, I even started back with the couch-to-5k running program that initially inspired my planning in intervals concept. It is true that paying out for the gym membership has made me more faithful and compelled to get up and out in the morning – without that extra kick I’m sure I’d simply shut off the alarm and roll over.

What about you?

If you’ve written or want to write in the next week about how you’re changing and growing based on the material in the course (including the free Declutter Your Head!), I’d love to read it and share it! Please link up with the link below:

Or just leave a comment and tell me how it’s going and what you’re working on!

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  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    Progress for October: Well, I had a paradigm shift regarding systems about two weeks ago. I’m currently making my way through Module Three. I’ve read your posts about systems, and I read the article James Clear wrote about goals v. systems. I thought I knew the difference , and then I consistently started using Google Calendar (and using it in ways I wasn’t using it before). Now I understand–I feel the difference.

    The biggest project that I made progress on last month was filing and shredding paperwork. I had stacks and stacks of paper to deal with. I scheduled 10 minute blocks of time several days a week to tackle filing and shredding papers. My system was to always have some papers needing to be shredded sitting next to the shredder and to have some new, unlabeled folders near my filing cabinet, along with the label maker (and fresh batteries to make it work when I needed it). I was missing a part in the cabinet that would allow me to hang folders, so one day I added ordering the part as a step in the project. I shredded, I installed the part when it arrived, I hung folders, I tossed, I filed, I rearranged. And on the last day of the month, I found myself all caught up. The shredding and filing ended kind of unexpectedly–there just weren’t any more stacks to deal with.

    The best part is that I found ways that I could be a better helpmeet to my husband when it comes to paying bills and dealing with all the paper that comes into the house. We will never go totally paperless due to my husband’s preference, but now I can keep that from being the problem it was with a system in place: a shredder in the kitchen–because all mail goes straight to that room first, files labeled and in an order that makes sense to me and my husband (not the way a professional organizer in a book told me to do it years ago), folders ready to catch tax papers when they start to roll in come January, an accordion file already labeled to catch medical papers, and a magnetic letter opener right where we need it.

    I’m looking forward to wrapping up some things I’ve been thinking about in Module Three and moving ahead to Module Four.

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