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Another week, and more books read here at our house.

Books Read at Our House This Week

Knox is still enamored of St. George of the Dragon and King Midas and the Golden Touch. He also chose Ducks Go Vroom from the library and read it to everyone who would listen (or even stay in the same room with him for 3 minutes) for the last two days. “Mom,” he came up to me at the library holding the book open and pointing, “does this say lug?” “Yes, good job! Lug means carry.” Early readers are so tricky! Ducks lug and tug. Ilse picked out Poppleton from all the trash on the “I Can Read” library shelf, so that made me happy, too.

Hans and Jaeger read The Good Samaritan Strikes Again, yet another Patrick McManus title. Jaeger checked out a Hardy boys book from the library (there was only 1 on the shelf!). I picked out an adult DK book Kings and Queens of England and Scotland, and, as we’re about halfway through the list in our history studies, the boys have been pouring over it, much to my delight.

The boys’ book club was this week and they read and discussed Castle in the Attic. Being introverted young boys, they never tell me much about what they talk about, but they are always eager for the books and the meeting, and that’s good enough for me. My friend down the street who leads it is a kid lit connoisseur, so I entirely entrust the choosing of the books into her capable hands. Next time will be Sarah, Plain and Tall, which is also a good one on audio, read by Glenn Close.

I finished Forester’s Commodore Hornblower and also Lord Hornblower. One left and then I’m done with the series and I’ll have to find new fiction!

I am also reading Making Kingdom Disciples by Dunahoo and The Lord’s Day by Joseph Pipa. Of course I’m also plugging away at Desiring the Kingdom.

What books are on your nightstand?

Online Reading This Week

If you’re on Goodreads, go check out this book list and help make it a good list by adding books and voting. Quality lists for advanced young readers that don’t contain mature or disturbing themes are very needed.

Dawn sent me this link; I guess I have another book to add to my to-read stack: The Little Way of Ruthie Leming

these things were like a levee the people of Starhill had spent a lifetime building together. Now, facing a catastrophe that felt like it had the power to wash them away, the levee was holding.

The “habitus” appears to be hospitality forming community. That is an important thought for me as I consider this word-of-the-year I have chosen and never expected to see pop up other places.

We often think of the fruit as the result of our work rather than the work itself. We think the fruit is the harvest, not the plowing and the planting. So bend your mind around this with me.

If ever you find yourself in need of a better attitude, Nancy and Rachel are the place to turn to (after the Bible and prayer, of course).

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More Weekend Reads

If you have a post with a collection of links, a post about what you’re currently reading, or a recommended book list, link it up here! We’ll have our very own “best of the web” & “best of our book piles” right here, every week!

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    R-girl loved Castle in the Attic.

    I liked Ruthie Leming :)

  2. Divina
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    I like the Goodreads booklist you linked to. Thanks!

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