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I’ve got several great and exciting new things to share with you this weekend, so I’m skipping right to those and will bring you more books from our house next week.

Biggest piece of news: On Monday I get to interview Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary!

I hope you’ll be able to join us during or after this live interview! Her new memoir, Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It, will release April 29th, and for those who preorder the book, she’s giving away an exclusive (yes, as in, this is the only way you’ll ever be able to get it) ebook called The Family-First Creative: 42 Tips for Following Your Dreams While Putting Your Family First

I’m almost done with The Family-First Creative and it alone is worth the $9.99 I paid for the kindle book. On Monday, we’ll talk about finding time for creative pursuits and also keeping our sanity in houses full of small children. I am so excited!

Speaking of houses full of small children, Amy Roberts has a new ebook out on Large Family Homeschooling. Because I want to finish Jennifer’s book before interviewing her, I’ve only been able to scan Amy’s, but if anyone is qualified to offer practical, gentle, encouraging advice for homeschooling while pregnant, homeschooling with a newborn, homeschooling with a toddler, and homeschooling during a crisis, it is Amy. Here’s a snippet:

I had to learn to feel blessed. […] I had expectations that were so outrageous and unattainable for my children, that there was absolutely no way they could ever meet them to my satisfaction. I didn’t feel blessed because I didn’t recognize my blessings. How easy it is to focus on the negative. We see only that which distresses us. We keep meticulous records of wrongs and then wonder why our home feels tense and troubled.

She has a simple and underrated answer to this common problem (I find myself acting that way much more often than I’d care to admit to myself). And she’s frank, too:

Perhaps as your family grows, you wonder how there will ever be enough of you to go around? Let me be perfectly candid with you: Sometimes there isn’t.

Good stuff.

And, here’s something really truly free and yet just as amazing for you: Brandy’s talk from her local homeschool conference last year is finally available! It’s titled Bad Days & Weeks: Troubleshooting Difficulties in the Home Schoolroom and of course it’s fabulous. It’s a great excuse to fold that mountain of laundry.

Oh, and I have a free ebook for you, too! To celebrate the launch of Simplified Organization, I have a free ebook available there titled A Quickstart Guide to GTD for Moms. If you already have GTD for Homemakers, then it’ll be nothing new to you, but it does boil it all down to the 3 essentials to get going and it has the shortcut cues on a pretty bookmark-sized printable if you want something visual. It’s pretty because Pam Barnhill designed it for me.

You can download your free copy) and then also receive notifications of future hangouts and other such good things.

Online Articles This Week

All 5 points were great, but this one stood out:

modern society lures children to become peer-oriented, meaning that their entire identity is rooted in their peers, not in their family. They make a compelling case that this is an extremely unnatural and psychologically stressful way to live, and they trace many of the problems that plague youth culture back to the issue of peer-orientation.

I have the book she mentioned on hold at the library. :)

Bring your loaves and your fish, even if you think them completely insufficient. They are insufficient.

You are insufficient. But His grace is not.

I thought this was hilarious.

What is the number one issue on every kid’s mind? How unfair you are. Do you see that this just takes care of that little problem completely? Score!

Make sure you read all the way to the end, though. ;)

You read all Brandy’s posts anyway, right? Well, in case you missed it: It is not a sign of wisdom or maturity or experience to create your own homeschool curriculum.

What I am going to say is that her teachers were not focused on book selection and exam writing. There were people who did this for them, which freed them up to…wait for it… actually teach.

No reason to feel bad if that’s not how you want to spend your time! I am still getting a little chuckle thinking of Charlotte Mason being the first mail-order homeschool-in-a-box program. Heh. But, it’s true!

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    You’ve got a lot of great stuff recommended this week!

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    You remind me that I need to pre-order that book. I don’t know why I put silly stuff like that off. Congratulations on landing that interview. You are Big Time now, hm? ;)

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