Getting into our homeschool groove

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

A fun thing you don’t want to miss this week is the launch of Pam Barnhill’s podcast, Homeschool Snapshot Podcast. She kicked off her launch week with an episode every day this week, and I’m the guest of episode 3, titled, “Organization is like laundry.” We had a great time chatting, despite my nervousness because she didn’t tell me all the questions ahead of time. She insists it’s better for the spontaneity. You listen and decide. :)

In other news, Sarah and I had so much fun with the last live chat that we’re going to do it again Monday afternoon! Stay tuned for details. If you don’t already read her blog (which you should), you’ll definitely want to check out her current Saturday series where she’s writing about working through my course. Lots of good thoughts and conversation going on over there!
Now to jump into the snapshots of our typical homeschool days now that we’ve found our new-year, post-Christmas groove.


~ Pretty Selfies ~


Couch time: phonics, Bible story, and poems before moving to the table for spelling.

And then just fun time:




~ Happy Jumping ~

I think this small indoor trampoline might have been my best purchase ever. Seriously useful for children to bounce out their wiggles without tearing through the house.




~ Funny Fitbit Fad ~

Self-directed “handicrafts” this week included the 7yo & 4yo crafting their own Fitbits with paper and tape, so they could be just like Mom. Ilse even made her own Fitbit dashboard iPod with an index card. Ilse had to have one in order to really play mommy with her dolls and baby sister. Pretty funny.



~ Real Moments ~

What I like about snapping quick photos with my iPod Touch is that though in the moment the day might feel crazy and loud and pulled-in-a-million-directions, seeing the still (and silent) photo makes me see the moments for what they really are: joyous life lived together.


Homeschooling can be exhausting, but oh so worth it.

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  1. I too bought a mini trampoline and am soooo glad I did – it was meant for me (exercise easy on the knees) but has been wonderful for my active 7yo!!

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