Friday Five: break week break down

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First, before we jump into our week’s summary, I want to remind you of the checklist chat happening TODAY. If you haven’t registered yet, do it now:

You’ll receive a replay link an hour after we wrap it up, whether you are able to join live or not. After two weeks this chat will be put into the Work the Plan Premium bonus section “Work Your Homeschool Plan,” so hop on now while it’s available free. :)

~ follow-through ~

This week was a much-appreciated break week. I always love the February break week the most. Even though the winter term starts after a long Christmas break, it starts after a busy couple weeks full of extra responsibilities, extra work, extra stuff, and less sleep. It’s great to get back into the routine after the festivities, but the house and mom’s nerves (at least in our experience) are usually both frayed at the edges.

The February break week for me has always been a time to hone in on those spots around the house that have been bugging me and get some order restored. I start looking into options for next school year, which I also find refreshing. I often also have a little project to work on, because I love little projects.

Want to know what my little project was this week? Check out the freebie section. :)

Also, on Instagram I had fun this week with the hashtag #homeschoolbreakweek.

~ fun ~

For fun during our break week this week we went to the park, started our garden, played with friends, and visited Aunt Melanie‘s live paint demonstration.

~ freebie ~

I think vocations offer us the categories we need to make the right choices – whether the choice is little or monumental. So I wrote up this guide to help you figure out what your vocations are, how to name them, and how to use them to figure out your goals and priorities.

I’m hoping to help you figure your own out so you can more calmly and confidently handle life as it is sent your way.

If you haven’t already received the email with the pdf, sign up here and you’ll get it right away:

~ FAQ ~

Since this was a break week for us on our year-round homeschool schedule, I thought this was a relevant question.

Catie asked,

I just wanted to tell you again how much I’m loving Work the Plan! :) It’s taking me FOREVER to go through it (3 little ones) but I love it, love it, love it. I have another question for you: how do you decide what to do first – the daily things or the bigger things?

For example, when I’m trying to get something “big” done, like reorganize my bookshelves, I have such a hard time deciding what to do first: the dishes (which have to get done but will ALWAYS BE THERE) or the bookshelves? Since I usually only have a short time (our Sabbath week) to do those bigger things, I feel like I need to push laundry and dishes aside, but then I get behind on those!

First, I know exactly what you’re talking about!

I think you have try a few different things and see what works for you, and know that what works will change based on your current situation and ages of kids.

On break week days I try to reserve a bit of time each day to tackle those dailies so that we don’t get too far behind, but on I do often set aside a day to tackle something bigger, knowing that it means the next day or sometime later in the week I’ll have to catch up on the routine stuff.

Sometimes that’s the only way to get a large enough chunk of time to get a project done.

On normal days I set aside time for the routine stuff and recognize that each day I don’t have extra time for the bigger things I might want to do. But I know what those bigger things might be at the beginning of the week so that if I do have some time (we finished school early, my mom takes the kids, everyone is playing outside, etc.) I know right away what I want to jump into doing. :)

Hope that helps!

~ free reads ~

Books read in our home this week:

6 Responses

  1. ErickaH
    | Reply

    I’ve tried a few times to request the guide on vocations, but haven’t received an email. I checked my spam folder, too. Can you help, please? Thanks!

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Sorry, Ericka! I emailed you the download link.

      • ErickaH
        | Reply

        Thank you so much! I got the pdf–it’s very helpful!

  2. Catie
    | Reply

    Thanks for answering my question, Mystie! :) (Also I wanted to tell you that I got to watch the ‘scope replay about toys–also very helpful! I don’t feel so mean anymore. HA!) I actually had my mom take my kids yesterday morning so I could just focus on organizing our homeschool stuff. It was so nice! I might have to resort to doing that for a little while; at least until my kids are a WEE bit older.

    I also wanted to comment on a previous post and tell you, that I, too, am listening to the History of the Ancient World. I really need to brush up on my history! It may take a few years to get through it though!

    One more thing…is the vocation freebie much different than the video on vocations in Work the Plan? If not, than I won’t sign up for it. :)

    Thanks for all you do, Mystie! :)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Yay for quiet time to hunker down and get things sorted! Nice!

      It’s the same material, just in a pdf form instead of a video. Within the week the download will be on the vocations page in Work the Plan, also. :)

  3. Amber Vanderpol
    | Reply

    I’ve enjoyed the #homeschoolbreakweek photos on Instagram (although the link your post links to your Instagram user and not that hashtag) It was fun having our break weeks overlap and joining in.

    I am also looking forward to recommending your new vocations guide to the women I had a video discussion group w/ about Teaching from Rest. I decided to do a video book group after participating in several of your Q&A chats and it was great. It gave me the ability to talk in person (well, sort of!) about something wonderful without having to drive an hour each way to do it! Thanks for introducing me to the technology. :-)

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