Friday Five: school planning, play, more chats, history, & books read

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1. Faithful Follow-through

It's school planning time for me! This week my focus was on Morning Time, so the page protectors and papers are everywhere and my Chrome has tabs upon tabs of poetry open. Many of you are probably just barely starting your break, but we've been on break for over a month already and have 3 weeks left before we start with a lite summer term. Next week will be all school planning posts, all the time! Woohoo!
Favorite homeschool Instagram of the week:
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2. Fun Freeways

This is what summer is for. Then come the spelling lessons.

3. Fab Freebie

Time for another planning chat! These are just too fun. :) This time, instead of inviting another blogger, I found a couple moms who have been in Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done for a couple years and who have been very active and helpful to me in refining it. We'll talk about the planning concepts that caused the biggest mindset shifts for us, the planning practices that have the biggest impact on our days, and how we each help ourselves roll with the punches of real life when it doesn't go as planned - because it never does. [Click here to register](

4. Fast FAQ

It's time for curriculum-browsing!
I have early elementary age kids (7 and 9) and am looking for a history spine (I am moving on after 4 years with Classical Conversations and feel like I am basically starting all over again). I was debating between Tapestry of Grace, Christine Miller (which I found through you) and Ambleside Online. I am leaning towards Ambleside, but as I weigh the pros and cons would love to know why you chose not to use it, if you don't mind sharing. I follow your blog and really value your insight. Thank you so much.
I do use AO extensively when I choose my own books. I really appreciate and respect the work done by those wise homeschool moms! I don't use AO as written because I want to combine what we do as much as possible and not have everyone in separate years and because I like to put together my own plan. Looking at AO is always a part of my research phase, though, and at least half of what I do is taken from their site. I also want a history with a bit more scope than their plan, which is very Britain-centric. I actually didn't like Christine Miller's Story of the Ancient World book, though I loved her Middle Ages book. Next time through I'm planning on getting the Memoria Press series by Dorothy Mills instead. The M.B. Synge series is also great (I think that's on AO's list) and I'd read those aloud with a 7 & 9 yo. Related:

5. Fabulous Finishes (finally)

I actually finished 2 books this week! After half a year, I finished The Complete Father Brown - totally worth every minute. Then I also finished an audiobook we began on our vacation: How the West Won - if you want a Christian, not-politically-correct overview of worldwide cultural change that isn't too long or too dry, Rodney Stark is your man. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Christine
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    I’ve recently stumbled upon Notgrass history and plan to use their Civics course for this election year. They have other programs as well that are worth checking out.

  2. Christine
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  3. Sarah
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    Have you used any American history spines for 2nd-3rd range that you have enjoyed? Thanks in advance!

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