It is possible to carry on in the midst of crazy.

We are all familiar with the feeling of overwhelm at everything that needs to be done and frustration at how quickly everything needs to be done yet again.

We’re always wondering if what we’re doing is right or the best way or if there’s some magic sauce we’re missing that will smooth the path for our daily business and daily interactions.

There is no magic awesome-sauce, but there are three stages we can work through:

  1. Clarify organization.
  2. Clear the decks.
  3. Cope with the muddle.

In this MP3, I fully develop each of these three steps and give you the motivational jumpstart you need to pull things together. A single-page worksheet is included so you can see the outline of your progress at a glance.

This MP3 is now included in the bonus material for Work the Plan and Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done.